Things My Father Did For Me

We’ve got to hand it to dads. They’ve got our best interests at heart and when push comes to shove, they can really deliver. Maybe your dad is the typical gruff Asian kind, who huffs and says three words in one week but would nod approvingly when you bring in an A and shed a tear of pride when you graduate. Or your dad is warm and open, and would swing you around and throw you up in the air when you run into his open arms as soon as he got back from work.


Maybe he was distant. Maybe you barely had a relationship with him but would text happy birthdays to each other once in a while. Besides conventionally being the breadwinner of the family, fathers play many very important roles in our lives that we’ve taken for granted or not even noticed.


This Father’s Day, we take some time to reflect and appreciate the many things our fathers have done for us, including, but not limited to:


1. Tune The TV Channels

Tune the TV Channels
Image Credit: Pixabay


Back when everything was analogue, dads were always on top when it comes to electronics. They’d figure out what was wrong with the radio, kickstart the fax machine, fix the phone, and – most importantly – set the TV channels to be as less grainy as possible. Some have taken the leap to figuring out the next generation of laptops and smartphones, but some are still set in their old ways and don’t trust things without dials.


It’s all right. There’s plenty of computer pros now who can help you – and your dad – when your tablet refuses to start.


2. Unclog The Toilets

Unclogging The Toilets
Image Credit: Pixabay

Let’s face it. Plunging the sink or toilets is pretty straightforward, but no one wants to do it. So it falls to dad – already grimy from a full day out at work – to apply some elbow grease and get the plumbing back into order. Besides, dad has the strongest arms and mom isn’t going to do it because she’s got more pressing motherly duties to attend to.


It’s not just the toilets – dad has faced the sink traps too, no doubt clogged by a buildup of your hair – or the Ultraman figures you chucked in just to see them go down the drain…


3. Made ‘Personalised’ Furniture

Making 'Personalised' Furniture
Image Credit: Pixabay


Dads can also be pretty handy with woodwork, or whatever scrap that’s lying around. Who hasn’t had a makeshift ‘cabinet’ or extra ‘clothes rack’ made of random bits of board or wood? Or the improvised replacement foot of a broken chair? Dads are great at making just the right quirky, ‘personalised’ fixes and furnishings the house needed.


But sometimes they get a little too ambitious, and you end up with half a kitchen cabinet and should probably call an expert for damage control…


4. Taught The Importance Of Doing It Yourself

The Importance of DIY
Image Credit: Pixabay


Quite literally, perhaps, with their penchant for wanting to D.I.Y every home improvement project. Old school dads like to be self-sufficient, hence the ‘personalised’ furniture that teaches creativity and resourcefulness. Coupled with general frugality and a sense of dad-ly pride, they’d rather repair and refurbish your home all on their own, or try to sell it to their antsy family that any home improvement project can be a good family bonding experience.


Whether is painting the kitchen (and inevitably getting the wrong shade) or putting up wallpaper (and forgetting to match the patterns end-to-end), their insistence to Do It Yourself is often a huge source of frustration for the household, but with time become amusing memories to share in the next family get-together.


5. Chase Biawak Out Of The House

Chase The Biawak Out Of The House
Image Credit: Wikipedia


Maybe your problem was more of a cicak than biawak, but our dads have been there for pest problems that couldn’t have been solved with the penyapu. From figuring out how to eradicate the cockroach nest or deal with sudden termites, dads are handy at keeping the house free of unwanted ‘guests’. Many a dad have surely had to pull out a full-grown biawak from the ceiling when it had scurried and skittered and kept you awake all night.


6. Made Sure You Didn’t Go Hungry

Image Credit: Pixabay


Dad may have been the proverbial breadwinner, but at times he’ll be stuck with actually feeding you kids because mom was away. Sure, some dads are excellent cooks, having learned from their own mothers way back in the day. Some dads could whip up a hearty rendang or a refreshing egg custard no problem, but some are at a loss.


Whether it’s Maggi or takeout, or a simple white bread with Marmite and hot Milo, dad wouldn’t have let you go hungry.


7. Be Your Personal (Life) Coach

Celebrate Father's Day with Kaodim Deals
Image Credit: Pixabay


Some athletic dads would be delighted to show their runner sons and weightlifting daughters the ropes, or even tag-team with you for the next marathon or obstacle course challenge. As dad ages, you’ll also be able to contribute by making sure he doesn’t pull his back and you have extra medicated plasters for his sore muscles.


Even the more reserved dads have a way of cheering you on and try to impart on you important life lessons that – while it isn’t something as practical as the proper way to deadlift – is invaluable all the same.


Dads do all these things, and so much more. So this Father’s Day, express your appreciation by giving him a hand for his fatherly duties. The professionals on Kaodim will be there to help you if you’re not too handy yourself! Right now, enjoy RM 30 off all services on Kaodim, and stand a chance to win an RM 50 cash voucher from PRICEWAR when you request and book a job!