What McDonalds & Contractors Have In Common

McDonalds first opened in Malaysia in 1982.  Anyone born then would be 33 this year.

These are Malaysians who grew up in a time where fast food was big business, where McChicken and McNuggets were the most exciting thing any kid could have, where every birthday party was at a McDonalds.  Every McDonalds had a playground, which was a big deal.  This generation would also remember going crazy over the Happy Meal, a tiny burger with a little plastic toy in a cardboard box.

This was how McDonalds used to look like.

oldmcdonalds edit

This was a Happy Meal.


Today 32 years later, McDonalds looks like this



Looks more like an Artisan coffee shop.  Where’s the playground and the kids?

McDonalds began to face an erosion in its sales and reputation since the late 1990s.  People starting perceiving them  as a cheap and unhealthy place to eat.  So part of McDonalds’ strategy, which continues today is to reposition itself in the market place.  They want to grow into a more “trusted and respected brand.”

There’s probably another reason for this rebranding.  It’s also probably because McDonalds realizes that customer lifetime value means a lot more to their business than attempting to lure today’s generation of children into their den of processed cheese and meat for profit.

Customer lifetime value means the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer. Basically, McDonalds decided to grow their business alongside today’s 33 year olds.

It’s not just McDonalds who care about customer lifetime value.  Customer lifetime value is important to every business, the sundry shop down the road, your Nasi Lemak man, your Esso Gas man, your contractor, your plumber, your electrician.

For those who were born in 1982, who are your electricians, or contractors?  You probably don’t have a fixed guy and you’re just starting to find him now.

My dad started using Ah Fong for his first home when he was 35, and he still uses him now.  Your dad probably started his relationships with his present contractor around that age too.  It means that my dad is a lifetime customer for Ah Fong and your dad is a lifetime customer for his contractor.

But you are not your dad’s contractor’s lifetime customer.

Your dad’s contractor can help you out for minor renovation jobs around the house but he’s probably not going to be around when you reach age 50.  That’s when you’ll need someone to help you build the 4 homes you can afford.

Like how you grew up with McDonalds, it’s time for you to grow up with a contractor of your own.  It’s time for you to find someone who can speak your language, communicate at your wavelength and use the same technology you’re accustomed to, whether it’s Whatsapp, Gmail or Facebook.  You want someone who understands the same design trends that evolve with you.  Most importantly you want someone just like you.

Kaodim is bringing technology to an industry that’s seen little or no innovation since the time Ah Fong began his construction business.  Now, his children and the next generation of contractors are coming forward.  On Kaodim we’re already seeing these new guys make connections with hundreds of people who want a renovation contractor they can relate to in today’s on demand economy.

Tony Ng is 27 and he leads Chimp or Champ Interior Design.


Christian Chiah, a Kaodim customer had this to say about him ” he’s sharp, enthusiastic and provided useful and practical input and suggestions.”

Andy Lim holds a BSc In Building Economics and Quantity Surveying from Heriot-Watt University.  He’s 30 and part of the dynamic trio in NML Engineering that completed renovation works for Fitness First and numerous homes in Kuala Lumpur.    “NML Engineering provide reasonable pricing, excellent coordination and great workmanship” said Taufik who hired them to renovate his terrace house in Sri Damansara.

nml engineering icon

These are just some of the hundreds of young and capable contractors on Kaodim that will grow with you.  Meet them and build that relationship now.  Technology is an enabler of commerce but it’s no substitute for client trust, rapport, and genuine human relationships.  When it comes to home renovation, that’s most important.  Kaodim understands that fully and is all about creating those relationships.

We used to have Happy Meals, now we have Chicken Foldovers.  When we were kids we’d never even think of getting close to a Chicken Foldover, but now we’d choose that over a Happy Meal.  McDonalds created the Chicken Foldover just for us, because they knew it’s what we’d like to eat today.  They repainted their stores black and started serving caffe lattes because they knew we grew out of Ribena and Milo.

Tony and the hundreds of other contractors on Kaodim will repair your roof leak today, and in 10 years, when you’re ready to build your dream homes, they’ll be there for you too because they’ll know exactly what you want.