The only weekly house cleaning package you will need!

You are probably at home now and have accumulated more mess since the pandemic began, with more obvious stains, sticky floors and perhaps more overall dust, but the good news is that you don’t have to clean it yourself, you have us. Here are 3 reasons why our weekly cleaning house package could be your answer to a clean home. 

2 Cleaners Ready To Help 

Due to your hectic work life or simply not having the extra time for cleaning, a filthy home will negatively trigger your mood. But fret not! You can book our Kaodim house cleaning service as we provide two experienced cleaners to clean your living space within two hours. Our cleaners will save your time and ensure great quality cleaning. During the cleaning process, you can relax and do something that you actually enjoy. 

Book The Same Cleaners Every Time 

By having the same cleaners, you can definitely experience a more consistent cleaning process. Also, the repeated cleaner will understand your home layout and expectations, providing you a satisfactory cleaning experience each time. With Kaodim, you can easily request to book the same cleaners who previously served you and you can enjoy great benefits too!

Affordable Good Quality Service

Kaodim house cleaning service is capable of getting your home clean for a budget-friendly price. Our professionally trained cleaners will assist you to clean the entire home which includes your kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom at only RM80/week plus our services come with great benefits, certainly your money’s worth. 

So don’t let the dust and dirt roam your home, book our high-quality house cleaning service at RM80/session and our professionally trained cleaners will come to you. Book now and you can get protection coverage for damage and theft as well as other great benefits!