8 Popular Makeup Tips for Brides by Professionals

Wedding makeup is a miraculous thing. If you’ve noticed, the right beauty techniques can transform women in extraordinary ways, especially on their special day. In fact, with the right make-up, brides look so beautiful that even their friends and family are surprised. Makeup is a way for you to celebrate your natural beauty and enhance it on your special day. It’s also important to communicate your style and preference to your makeup artist.

Here are some tips from our very own Koadim makeup artists to help you achieve the look and style that best suits you on your wedding day:

Start With The Best Foundation

Foundations are the base cover for any makeup, and as its name implies, it forms the base tint for any other cosmetics that are supposed to go on top of it. The shade of your foundation should always match your skin tone as close as possible. It may be slightly more challenging if you have tanned skin, but there are brands out there that carry a wider range of colours, especially for women with deeper skin tones. Try Bobbi Brown and L’Oreals True Match series. Alternatively, there are many translucent foundations that are not tinted and will immediately adapt to your skin tone, creating a flawless canvas.

Indian bridal makeup in Malaysia
Photo credit: Kelly Makeup Studio


Creating Double Eyelids

Some of you ladies may be fortunate enough to be born with natural double eyelids. For those who don’t have double eyelids, you can always have them artificially created for the day with special double eyelid stickers. These crescent shaped transparent stickers are actually really safe and comfortable, and they can be removed easily at the end of the day. Double eyelids make your eyes bigger and brighter, giving the face a fresh and alert look. In this photo, our Kaodim makeup artist used double eyelid tapes to enlarge the bride’s eyes.

Photo credit: Twinkle Make Up & Hairdo
Photo credit: Twinkle Make Up & Hairdo

Smokey Eyeshadow For Dramatic Effect

Never underestimate the effect of eyeshadows on transforming your eyes. More interestingly, the smokey eyeshadow effect has come into popular use nowadays due to the fact that it helps in emphasizing the eyes, making it look larger. Larger eyes make your face look balanced and more proportionate. It’s usually paired with eyeliner for a more dramatic yet understated look.

indonesian bride twinkle makeup
Photo credit: Twinkle Make Up & Hairdo

Going For The “Au Naturale” Look

Many women love the ‘Au Naturale’ style, with minimal makeup and a barely there look. It’s important to communicate this to your makeup artist beforehand, so that she can plan your colour palette. You should however, still expect some level of cosmetics, especially the shaping and thickening of your eyebrows, as well as some measure of eyeliner to bring out your eyes.

kelly makeup studio bride
Photo credit: Kelly Makeup Studio

The Magical Coral-Coloured Blusher 

To add a sun-kissed glow to your face, consider coral-hued blush. This orangish colour is great if you’re having an outdoor wedding, as it will make you look glowingly healthy and will really bring out your cheekbones in photos.

pretty chinese bride - makeup tips
Photo credit: Summer Chew

Primers Are Important

If you’re in for a long day of ceremonies, it’s important to request your makeup artist to use a primer on your skin before applying a foundation or base. Primers will help hold your makeup on longer and will keep it from getting cakey or patchy, especially if you have to be outdoors in the heat and sun with a high possibility of sweating.

bridal makeup photoshoot malaysia
Photo credit: KC Makeup Artist

Lipstick is The Key

Lipstick is that one final element that will bring your entire look together. Bare lips without any colour can give your face an overall pale appearance. The brighter and bolder your lip colour is, the more your face will be emphasized. More importantly, try to go with a shade that represents you and your personality.

amelin wedding makeup malaysia
Photo credit: Amelin Lok Makeup Studio

The Perfect Canvas: Radiant Skin

Give your makeup artist the best blank canvas to work on, by taking some simple steps to make sure your skin is at its peak of health on your wedding day. You can help by getting sufficient sleep and drinking enough water to keep yourself hydrated. Sleep will help ensure you don’t have eyebags too.

malay bride wedding makeup
Photo credit: Pixie Bridal Makeup

All these photos are courtesy of our talented makeup artists on Kaodim. Working with the perfect makeup artist is a joy that you’ll appreciate and reflect on with satisfaction. If you’re looking for quotes to compare, just fill up the form so our makeup artists can contact you with their prices and portfolios. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions because we’re always here to make your search much easier!


written by Michelle Chee