Wedding Ballroom In Kuala Lumpur: Make Memories That Last

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting married next May in the historic royal grounds of Windsor Castle. It’s probably not going to be as fancy as William & Kate’s 2011 ceremony in the Westminster Abbey ballroom right in the heart of metropolitan London, but all bets are on it being grand and luxurious.  

This is how the Royal Wedding reception looked like, apparently

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But you don’t have to compete to have the wedding of your dreams. Harry and Meghan’s ceremony will be an intimate joy and fun-filled affair reflecting their character and personalities – you too can totally plan yours in any one of these Kuala Lumpur ballrooms:

1. Mandarin Oriental Grand Ballroom at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

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Sure, this ballroom’s 1.8k seating capacity is nothing to the 65 million or so Britons who’ll likely be participating in Meghan and Harry’s festivities (it’s not a public holiday but really who wants to think about work when there’s a royal wedding to witness?). Still, with its grand high ceilings, natural lighting, and upscale location overlooking the Petronas Twin Towers, your wedding will feel just as luxurious.

2. Chin Woo Stadium Hall, Kuala Lumpur

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Not into crystals and ballrooms but need the space? This old-school Kuala Lumpur stadium hosts up to 700 guests and offers traditional Chinese performances for its wedding packages.

3. Grand Ballroom at the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur

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If you’re still sticking to a classic grand wedding, nothing spells luxury like this 5-star oval ballroom bedecked with ceiling-wide crystal chandeliers, Calacatta Oro marble floors and fancy traditional Malay-inspired latticework. It’s bound to impress the 700 or so guests you can fit in there.

4. Emperor Ballroom at the Empire Hotel Subang

Photo credit: Empire Hotel Subang

Have a shorter guest list? This ballroom may be smaller but it’s fancier and more unique. For instance, the ‘chandeliers’ are wavy LED ensambles – you can have your very own futuristic dream wedding here. The lights can even be customized to change colours to match your unique wedding style, if you like.

5. The Gardens Ballroom at St Giles Hotel, The Gardens Kuala Lumpur

Photo credit: St. Giles Hotels

Lush green carpets and great lighting design creates a garden-wedding feel to your indoors ceremony. An added plus is that it’s attached to the Gardens and MidValley shopping mall so your guests can pick up that wedding present they totally forgot the get you on the way.

6. The Grand Ballroom At Sunway Putra Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

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If you want a luxurious feel but with an intimate spin, book this wedding ballroom in Kuala Lumpur’s Sunway Putra Hotel. Their Grand Ballroom lets you have that modern-yet-classic ambiance. The wide stage and modern video and sound facilities will make sure you stay in the spotlight on your special day! They also offer specialised wedding packages that cater to various cultural backgrounds.

Their excellent wedding experts are happy to guide you through picking the right plan for your special day. And if you’re thinking of having your reception between 1st January and 31st December 2018, Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur will be rewarding one lucky couple by completely covering the reception expenses!

Your wedding might just be one unforgettable day of grandeur in your happily-ever-after wedded future, but the luxury doesn’t have to end there. Meghan and Harry will be living in Nottingham Cottage, a little two-bedroom within Kensington Palace. While not exactly Buckingham Palace, the ‘Nott Cott’ as it’s called will undoubtedly be cosy and luxuriously equipped for the royal couple.

You too can have a ‘Nott Cott’ of your own – just let one of the many professional interior designers help you out in creating your unique homestead to reflect your character and personality as much as your wedding did!