We want to be the Uber of services


We thought you might be interested in finding out why we are doing this and why we think Kaodim will be great for Malaysians.

Matching Malaysians everywhere with the right professional

From our friends and family, we’ve been constantly hearing about how difficult it is to find a trusted service professional for stuff they need all the time.

We’ve noticed that the community for many professionals is largely offline at present. Most people find professionals through recommendations from friends and family, even though there are thousands of great professionals out there who could be a much better fit.

We try to google for photographers, or home renovation experts, but realise that the internet footprint for these professionals is limited to static listings with a brief description of their business, and their contact details. They might have a facebook page or a blog but that’s about it.

We want to create a platform that matches Malaysians with the right professionals.

You can get matches for dating, (Tinder), transport (Myteksi/Uber) but there’s nothing out there to quickly match you with the right professional.

The problem right now is that we are not sure if people are really getting matched to the right guy. People trust that they have engaged the right accountant, fitness instructor or photographer off a recommendation from a friend or family member, but are they sure it’s really the best fit?

Let’s say you want to get termites exterminated from your home this week, there are lots of pest control experts out there who can do that, but only some are available and willing to head over to your house at the time you want them to and at the price that’s right for you. We want to utilise technology that’s available now to match people with the right service professional quickly and easily.

With kaodim all you need to do is tell us what you need, answer a few questions that are specific to your request and we’ll connect you with a number of professionals who are qualified and interested in getting the job done for you. What’s more, we automatically send their quotations, profiles and introductions directly to you, all in a span of 24 hours so you can compare and decide who’s the best fit for you. By bringing all the information that’s directly relevant to your needs straight to you, we believe that you’re ultimately empowered to make better decisions. And to us, that’s truly powerful.

Driving commerce and making the market a better place

We want to improve and build a community of trusted service professionals, who are dedicated to developing their business honestly with customer service and professionalism in the forefront. By leveraging off the power of the internet and providing an effective and convenient means to get connected to customers and showcase the best of their businesses, we believe kaodim can draw on the strengths of service professionals to meet this objective.

We don’t just think it’s possible, we think people are ready and have been waiting for a platform that has these objectives in mind. And because kaodim will cover just about any kind of service that you can think of, we believe it can play a meaningful part in raising the standards of services and the relationship between customers and professionals alike, across all types of services. This we believe, ultimately drives commerce and makes the market a better place – an ideal we hold closely to our hearts and which we strive for everyday.

It’s not going to happen overnight, but with the right attitude we’re confident that it could happen pretty quickly and that it will motivate and bring forth an improved experience for every Malaysian engaging services.

We believe that there is value in all of this, and that it’s certainly worth pursuing. It’s a long journey ahead for us but we’re hoping to get there one step at a time.


the Kaodim team