Water as Wealth in the Feng Shui Language

Beautiful and simple water feature
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Water represents wealth, not just in feng shui terms, but in other cultures and beliefs as well. There are many types of water-related decorations that define different meanings depending on where you place them. By choosing the right type of decoration, its gentleness is believed to bring you and your family bliss in life.

Water Fountain

Beautiful white water feature
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Water fountains symbolize flowing wealth. A good water fountain is determined by the position of the water flow, which should be facing your door to indicate wealth flowing into your house.

You can also place a water fountain inside your house if space allows it. Just note that the flow from the fountain should not point towards the direction of your door or even window. Even though water fountains bring good feng shui, having large numbers of them does not mean more fortune will come to you, because it may have a reserve effect. According to the laws of feng shui, less simply means more.

The “Water” in Calligraphy Scrolls

Water Feng Shui That Invites Wealth
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Scrolls are very popular among the Chinese as they define wisdom and intelligence. By adding the Chinese word “水” (“water”) onto the scroll and hanging it in your hallways or living room, it produces good ‘chi’ and invites the great water element into your family.

Water Paintings and Photographs

Beautiful Koi Fish Art
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Paintings and photographs invite the water element into the house and increase the aspect of wisdom into the family. Mix and match  the art in your home with the art of cranes, rivers or even Kois in the water for additional feng shui points.

Goldfish or Kois

Beautiful and stunning goldfish pictures
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Fish reflects prosperity among the Chinese, especially goldfish and Koi fish, and paintings of these fishes encourage success and good luck to the home. You may notice that many Chinese restaurants or homes usually have goldfish or painting of Koi fish, which is often linked to an abundance of gold.

Install a unique water feature in your garden with help from our professional landscapers, or consult experienced interior designers for decorating tips to improve the overall feng shui at home. Whatever your needs are, we have you covered at Kaodim.

written by Shee Wen