Why are your water bills high?

Water is a major utility in every home, but a high water bill is an indicator that some water wastage might be happening and it could be due to not just your long showers, but pipe damage you need to resolve. Here are three plumbing issues that are causing you to wastewater. 

Dripping faucet 

One of the common causes of high water bills is a leaky faucet fixture. For instance, if your faucet is leaking about one drip per second it can waste about 17 gallons of water in a day! Typically, a faulty rubber washer is the main cause of your faucet leak and needs to be replaced. 

The more water that gets leaked and the higher your water bill. But fret not! You can book our Kaodim Plumbing Repair service to address your problem effectively as our experts are equipped with proper tools. 

Your Pipes Are Outdated 

Those who still live in an older home and haven’t replaced or upgraded their original plumbing system may have to deal with fragile and overworn pipes. In fact, these old pipes, faucets, showerheads aren’t as efficient as modern models. Hence, it is recommended to upgrade to newer pipes so it can save you money on your repair fees and water bills effectively. We recommend booking our experienced plumbing experts to install a new plumbing system for your home.

You have a running toilet!

Your toilet is one of the biggest consumers of water at home. Once your toilet has a leak or continuously running water, it can double your total water consumption which can cause an extreme increase in your water bill! When you notice any strange noises or water leakage at your toilet be sure you book a professional plumber immediately to fix the toilet leak immediately. 

Plumbing problems can not only lead to a spike in your water bill but if you still neglect it, it could also put your health at risk! If you need expert help, book our Kaodim Plumbing Repair service and our professionally trained plumber will come to you! Book now and you can enjoy protection coverage for damage and theft. You can also opt for our Online Plumbing Inspection to resolve your plumbing woes the contactless way in 30 minutes.