Want To Save Money On Your Electricity Bill? Here’s How!

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A major expenditure for most households is the electricity bill. If you want to save some money in the long-run, cutting down on your electricity bill is a good place to start. You need to educate yourself about how you are charged for your electricity bills and what you can do to lower it.

Here are 4 changes you can make to help your home be more energy-efficient, subsequently reducing your utility bills for years to come.

  1. Say Bye-Bye To Your Old Fridge

Trust me when I say this. If you have an old refrigerator, ditch it. Refrigerators are big energy consumers and new fridges often greatly outperform old ones. Thanks to advancement in technology, a 1970-model consumes twice as much power as a 2007-model. Imagine the sum of money that you can save annually just by getting your fridge replaced. Do the math. Give it some thought and upgrade to a new one. Don’t forget to have your fridge maintained and checked regularly to keep the coils running clean too.


source: kitchensourcebook

  1. Switch to LEDs

Here’s an easy fix to save your money on your electricity bill: make sure all the lightings and fixtures in your home are running on good compact fluorescent or LED bulbs. Do you know? Energy-efficient light bulbs puts out the same amount of light while using less wattage. The initial cost may be significantly more than those that are not energy efficient, but you will see the results in the following months of your electricity bills. LED is the way to go!


source: wikipedia.org


  1. Use Permanent AC Filters

Maintaining your air conditioning system is critical for keeping it running well. Dirty air filters kill your AC’s efficiency, use more electricity and cost you more money. If you’re still using disposable air filters, I suggest that you switch to a permanent filter which you can clean every time instead of throwing replaceable ones away. Again, this is a good investment in the long-run and at the same time, improving the air filtration in your home and prolonging the life of your AC.


source: Kaodim.com

  1. Turn Off Switches Or Unplug When Not In Use

This may be last in the list, but it is equally important to do this as a habit. Unfortunately for many of us, we tend to keep things plugged in for hours or even days when we don’t use them. These things include TVs, computers, ACs, DVD players, chargers, game consoles, lightings, fans, and many more. They actually take up electricity when it’s plugged in, up to 100 watts when you’re not using them. What a waste, right? It’s called vampire electricity.
You need to get everyone in the house to have the habit of unplugging these things when they are not in use. To start with, do a nightly sweep through the house to make sure all devices are turned off before you go to bed. It will be hard at first (habits are hard to break, we know), but it will be paid off when you received your next electricity bill!


source: houzz.com

If you are ever in doubt, you can always consult to professional electricians in Malaysia here. Or, if you need AC maintenance, get help from a reliable handyman here at Kaodim.