There’s such a thing called the ‘language of flowers’, also known as floriography. Each type of flower and its respective colour carries a message, many of them symbols of a particular type of love: romantic, platonic, or familial. So this Valentine’s Day, you don’t just need to choose a beautiful bouquet – you should also choose a meaningful one.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the more popular flowers found in bouquets with their corresponding meanings to help you on this important occasion:


tulips in yellow, red, and purple
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Tulips are flowers that symbolise romantic love. However, not every tulip says the same thing about your romantic feelings towards your partner. Red and purple tulips communicate positive messages about your love towards her: red meaning that your love is immortal; purple for forever love.

Beware of yellow and white tulips. Giving your girlfriend or spouse a tulip of any of these colours would mean that your love is hopeless or that it’s unrequited.


bouquet of violets
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Blue and purple violets are the more popular choices for this type of flower. Violets of all colours are have positive meanings, but blue and purple ones are more apt to be given between couples. Both blue and purple violets convey your faithfulness towards her and the relationship you’re in.


pink and yellow rose bouquet
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Just like not all violets are blue, not all roses are red too. Like tulips, roses in a certain colour may convey a wrong if not heartbreaking message. Yellow and black roses should be avoided at all cost: the former means infidelity or mere friendship; while the latter means death. However, if yellow roses are included in a bouquet of red roses, it can bring the meaning of joyfulness and excitement.

If this is your first Valentine’s together, the rare blue rose or the purple coloured ones are good choices as they symbolise love at first sight. A combination of red and white roses means unity in the relationship.


yellow primrose bouquet
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Here’s something simple that you can never get wrong. Unlike the former three types of flowers, primroses in all colours convey the message of eternal love to your partner.


white jasmine flowers
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Jasmines are often seen as a symbol of eternal and unconditional love. It’s a suitable flower to be given to not just your romantic partners, but to your parents as well.


purple heliotrope
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Heliotropes are usually included in mixed bouquets and are rarely the only flowers in one. They are also not the main stars in mixed bouquets, always overshadowed by the roses and lilies. Little did we know that these purple flowers actually mean devotion. Including them in a bouquet is like telling your partner how devoted you are to her.


white gardenia bouquet
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They are often mistaken for roses due to the similar shapes and petals. Gardenias are great for newly weds and young couples as they mean sweet love. They are also symbols of good luck, which can bring some positivity into your relationship.


daisy bouquet
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In general, daisies are symbols of loyalty and innocence. These are especially true for white daisies as they look pure and fresh. There are also red daisies you can order from the florist, which is just like One Direction singing “you don’t know you’re beautiful”.

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written by Esther Chung