Unique Water Features For Your Garden

Outdoor water features add plenty of character and tranquility to your garden or backyard. The Chinese also believe that certain water features will improve the overall feng shui of the home, which often results in prosperity and good fortune. So if you’re thinking about installing one or two for yourself, here are some cool options below.

Small and simple 

Small and nice water featurePhoto credit: oasisgardening.co.uk

If your backyard does not have a large space for a huge water fountain, having a small one still adds a little fun and peace to your home.

The flow of the water should face your house to indicate wealth and bliss streaming into your family.

Modern little waterfall


Blue Ceramic koi water feature
Photo credit: Smart Solar

Ceramic water features are popular these days as they are easy to handle and clean. To improve the appearance, add fishes and colourful pebbles or even marbles. Fishes like Koi that striking in colour gain extra feng shui points.

Fun and cheeky

Beautiful and fun water features
Photo credit: amazinginteriosdesign.com

What can you do to old pots and kettles you no longer use? You make a water feature out of them. These cute water fountains add a little fun to your garden or backyard through this funky design. Other than decorating your backyard, you can also recycle your old pots and kettles, as saving the environment is always a good choice.

Back to the good old days

Beautiful and traditional water feature
Photo Credit: aguasomos.org

If you are a fan of traditional landscaping, faux-designed water features might be the one for you. These water features are famous in matching spa designs and leads to peace and zen. You can consider having the traditional-styled feature installed to your backyard to have a traditional look.

Round and bold

Modern and beautiful water features
Photo credit: inoxwater.com

Round water features are creative and contemporary. They don’t take up much space either, so they’re perfect for those with a small garden.
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written by Shee Wen