10 Unique Staycations You Can Enjoy in Malaysia

time capsule retreat
Photo credit: Local Usher

Although we might never have another five-day long weekend like the previous Merdeka-Raya Haji-SEA Games one, we still have a couple shorter long weekends to enjoy before 2017 ends. If you desperately need a break but don’t want to have to board a plane, here are some unique spots you can have staycations at:

1. Time Capsule Retreat

time capsule retreat
Photo credit: Capsule Hotel

This is perhaps the most popular hotel in the Sungai Lembing area. The Time Capsule Retreat is a private, family-run retreat with three types of rooms for guests to choose from. The most popular, and most Instagram-ed, one is the Capsule type.

From RM139 per night

2. Seaventures Dive Rig

seaventures dive resort
Photo credit: The Star Online

This diving resort and rig located off Mabul Island in Sabah made international headlines for being the world’s first and only accommodation of its kind. This is not for the average traveller – it’s for travellers who are really into diving as all rooms come with diving packages.

From RM780 per night

3. Jay-MS Hostel

jay ms hostel
Photo credit: Jay-MS Hostel

Love Jay Chou? This Johor Bahru hostel pays tribute to the Mandopop king, and was created by a Jay Chou fan club with members from Malaysia and Singapore. The space is filled with Jay Chou posters and merchandise, which makes it the mecca for all Jay fans.

From RM350 per night

4. M Qube Hotel

qube hotel
Photo credit: Priceline

People in Star Wars probably sleep in beds like these. M Qube is a budget capsule hotel located in the heart of George Town, Penang. Each capsule comes with an Android TV, a USB port, and a socket for charging. You can’t find anywhere as comfortable and affordable as this in the middle of the heritage site.

From RM58 per night

5. Permai Rainforest Resort

permai rainforest resort
Photo credit: Permai Rainforest Resort

If treehouse is your kind of thing, then you should definitely check out this rainforest retreat near Kuching. Don’t worry about the heat, there’s air conditioners in every treehouse. There are even nicely decorated bathrooms with each unit.

From RM365 per night. 

6. Seven Terraces

seven terraces penang
Photo credit: Agoda

Seven Terraces in George Town will send you back in time to the glory days of the Peranakan mansions in Penang. Each room is nicely decorated in the Baba and Nyonya style of yesteryears, with a unique fusion of Chinese and local design.

From RM594 per night

7. PPT Muar Container Hotel

ppt muar hotel
Photo credit: Peggy Loh

Container-styled hotels are gaining popularity. Muar has its very own container hotel as well and it’s super colourful! This one comes with ensuite bathrooms.

From RM150 per night

8. Hotel Maison Boutique

hotel maison boutique
Photo credit: Agoda

This KL hotel has rooms decorated in different themes for you to choose from. They have everything from an Arabian Nights room to an underwater Atlantis room. You can be sure that your stay here will be anything but ordinary.

From RM237 per night

9. Mount Kinabalu Holiday Camp

mount kinabalu holiday camp
Photo credit: Shutterstock

These colourful huts give you the best view of Mt. Kinabalu. They come with a cooking place, a balcony, and bathroom. The only off side is that there is no air conditioner here, not that you ever need it since the weather can get quite cold there.

From RM636 per night

10. Ipoh Bali Hotel

ipoh bali hotel
Photo credit: Booking.com

Enjoy a piece of Bali in Ipoh at this Bali-inspired hotel. The rooms and their furnishing are made from wood and bamboo to give it a rustic Balinese villa feel. Some rooms even come with a mini swing.

From RM210 per night

Inspired by the look-and-feel of these vacation stays? You can make staycation a daily affair by decorating your house in your favourite hotel’s style! Just let our friendly contractors know what design you’re going for here, and we’ll send you their quotations and profiles for free!



written by Esther Chung