These 8 Marriage Proposal Stories are Unique and Amazing!

These amazing and unique proposals really sound like they just rolled out of a fairytale.

“Will you Harry me?” is what Prince Harry should have said in our opinion when he was sealing the deal. Instead he proposed to actress Megan Markle while they were roasting a chicken. “It was so sweet and natural and very romantic. He got down on one knee,” she said. “As a matter of fact, I could barely let him finish proposing. I said, ‘Can I say yes now?'”

Marriage Proposal Royal
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Here are some other dreamy proposal stories that will melt your heart:

Proposing in nature

Marriage Proposal Mountain
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Andrew and Tiffany got proposed at the Haiku Stairs(stairway to heaven), Hawaii. While she thought she was helping him with filming his documentary, he had quite some different plans. “After 4 years of dating, 2 years of long distance and 3,922 stairs later, I said ‘yes’ with shaky legs and tears in my eyes.” – Tiffany

Get your friends to help you

Marriage Proposal
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“I had told Tina our reason for going to Rockford was so that a mutual friend could film us walking through a field at sunset doing “couple-y things” that would serve as a promotional video for his video production company. Even though I was really nervous, she didn’t expect a thing.”  – Tina & James

A beach proposal

Marriage Proposal Beach
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Because what’s better than a white beach with clear blue water? A beautiful setting is half the work. “I cried for about 10 minutes, and he just assumed that was a yes. After, we just strolled down the coast and watched the sun disappear into the waves. It was amazing.” – Uyen & Ian

Disney proposal

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“The minute she got into the house I had our luggage sitting in the hallway with Mickey Mouse sitting on top of it with our flight itinerary.” – Shashta & Andrew. “I reimagined milestone pictures from our relationship in Disney form, and set up a whole exhibition including actors, just to surprise her.” – Simone & Jason

Holiday proposal

Marriage Proposal Christmas Holiday
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With the holiday season being here, why not turn it into a double celebration? “Last year on Christmas Eve, my fiancé had secretly set up a scavenger hunt around my house. So on Christmas morning, one of his clues told me to go outside to the front porch. I discovered a GIANT box sitting there, waiting for me. The last clue read, “Just say ‘YES’,” and all of a sudden, the box burst open, and I saw that my fiancé had been hiding inside of it the whole morning!” – Stephanie

At the office

Marriage Proposal Ring
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Having met Monica at work, and keeping their relationship a secret, Tim really knew how to surprise his girlfriend. “Meeting each other at work, One day we were in a staff meeting with our boss and about 30 other employees, I was giving a presentation using a slide projector, crunching numbers about a huge project we had coming up. As I was wrapping up the presentation, I said, ‘I have one more thing…'” Monica & Tim

At the movies

Marriage Proposal Theatre
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Max invited his sweetheart Bonnie to a theatre and surprised her with a homemade trailer that premiered during the previews and kicked off a sequence of events leading up to the moment he popped the question, how creative!

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written by Janine Boekestijn