Unique Halloween Makeup Tutorials That Will Mesmerize You

Halloween is around the corner! It’s true that we Malaysians don’t really go all out to hang fake spiderwebs or glowing pumpkins around our houses, and neither do our kids go around ringing random doorbells for free candy. But we sure know how to party! Places like Luna Bar and Marini’s On 57 in KLCC are known for their huge celebrations during Halloween. And Kaodim is throwing our very own party at SOULed OUT in Sri Hartamas! Check out the details here.

We are here to help you lovely ladies get in character for these parties, and it’s not going to be as cheesy as adding cat ears or whiskers – these tutorials are works of art that will guarantee amazing results!

The Classic Goth: Black Swan

black-swan makeup

Kandee Johnson is one of YouTube’s most prized beauty gurus because she is the master of transformation. Her entire YouTube channel is laden with ideas that you can use for Halloween, and this is one of our favourites. Kandee shows you how to create this magical Black Swan-inspired look through a series of steps. Pair this with a beautiful black gown and minimalist accessories, and you will be turning heads all around.

The Disney Beauty: Belle From Beauty And The Beast

belle makeup

Since the action movie for this Disney classic with the amazing Emma Watson is going to be released next year, we’re digging Belle’s demure look. Shimmery eyeshadow, a soft lipstick and long, charming eyelashes are exactly what you need to pull off this classic appearance. Anastasia Vanelli offers a great tutorial on her YouTube channel which is super easy to follow. It’s only 4 minutes long!

The Adventurous Chick: Alice In Wonderland

alice-in-wonderland makeup

If you’re ditzy and you know it, raise your hands! It’s time to channel your inner Alice – the imaginative, adventurous wanderlust with a knack for all things quirky. It’s really fun pretending to be Alice. Just wear a blond wig, a blue dress and this Alice-inspired makeup fresh out of Wonderland. Youtuber dope2111, who is also Michelle Phan’s sister-in-law, has a channel with more than 4 million subscribers and she always transforms herself into iconic characters, so you know that this tutorial is as good as it gets!

The Queen Of The Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn

harley-quinn makeup

How can a bad girl look so good? The movie was a summer blockbuster and girls everywhere made mental notes to be Harley Quinn for Halloween. We are here to help you make that dream come true. Turn into everyone’s favourite villain and look smashing while doing so!

The Pop Art Princess: Comic Character

comic book pop art makeup

Have you ever wanted to look like those comic book heroines in all their glory? Well now you can! This makeup look has turned into the latest craze and it’s surprisingly super easy to achieve. We have selected one of the best tutorials we could find on YouTube so that you can turn into that comic book character in real life!

Halloween isn’t only about dressing up, it’s also about dolling up. If you need help getting your makeup done, we’ve got incredibly talented makeup artists for hire on Kaodim! Submit a request here to get started, and we’ll send you quotes to compare.

written by Tashya Viknesh