Unhappy with the service? We guarantee a free reservice!

We at Kaodim want to provide quality services, therefore, we ensure a reservice guarantee on selected services when you book with us. If the service conducted is unsatisfactory our team will look into making it right by giving you a reservice for free. Not sure how it works? Find out more here.


1. What is a free reservice?



A reservice is a re-do or a repetition of the service you have booked and received but were not satisfied with the end result. We provide reservice to you to make up for the unpleasant or unsatisfying service.
Our team will look into the matter to see if you are eligible for a reservice. Once you are eligible the reservice will be conducted for free so you don’t have to worry about paying more. 


2. What services are you entitled to getting a free reservice for?



You might be wondering what services include a free reservice, the answer to that is services with Kaodim Guarantee. When checking out a service on our website or app, you will come across a list of our service promises as shown in the image above.

All services with our Kaodim Guarantee label are entitled to have a reservice requested if you are unsatisfied with the service, for more information on this you may read our terms & conditions for Kaodim Guarantee.


3. How to flag if unhappy? 



If you have received a service and are unhappy with the outcome, do log into your Kaodim account and select a job request to report it. The reported case will be investigated and our team will contact you to learn more about your complaint and will act accordingly.

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