How to Decide on the Right Sofa

Sofas are a must have in all living rooms. It’s a comfortable place to sit, relax and even nap. Choosing the right sofa for your living room can be tricky. There are many factors to consider when buying a sofa that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Two of the most popular sofa styles today are the L-shaped sofa and the 3, 2, 1 seater set. The 3,2,1, sofa set in made up of one three-seater sofa, one two seater couch and one armchair. Both types of sofa styles are found easily in any furniture store. Here are tips on how to make a choice:

1. Number of People

One of the first things you have to consider in choosing a seating arrangement in your living room is how many people there are living in your home. If you’re living alone or with a partner, an L-shaped sofa would be a better choice.

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However, if you have more than four people in the home, a 3,2,1 seating set would be a better choice. This is especially true if you have grown-up children living with you, or if they visit frequently. You want everyone to have a proper seat, and not end up on the floor.

You should also consider having your couch cleaned with proper cleaning equipment (not just with regular soap and water) to eliminate stains, dirt and germs.

2. The Size of Your Living Room

Consider how much of your living room you want to cover with a seat or a sofa. If you have a large living room, you can consider having the conventional 3,2,1, type of set-up. That way, you can cover more ground and everyone doesn’t have to end up huddled together. It will definitely give your room more spread out and spacious feeling.

If your living room is small, especially if you’re living in an apartment, and L-shaped sofa can free up more space for moving around.

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3. How the Room Looks Like

Most living rooms are square, but some of you have living rooms that are curved or round. For rooms that are circular, a 3,2,1 sofa set is better suited as it gives an angular shape and balances out the rounded corners.

L-shaped sofas on the other hand, come in handy if you have a continuous space you need to divide, such as if you don’t have a wall or screen between your dining room and living room.

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4. Daily Habits

What do you use the living room for most often? This is one question that can help you make a choice too. If your family uses the living room to watch TV, then you can have a L-shaped sofa set where everyone can face in that direction.

However, if you use the living room for discussions of family activities around the coffee table, like board games, then a 3,2,1 sofa set allows everyone to gather around the table more efficiently.

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5. Suited to a Theme

In addition the physical aspects of a sofa, you’ll have to consider its colour and upholstery fabric too. The easiest way to do this is by deciding on a colour scheme and sticking with it. Do you want a casual living room that’s bright and cheerful, or an elegant living room with heavier furniture and drapes?

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Let’s not forget that all sofas need to be cleaned and maintained. If you need assistance with sofa cleaning, we have professionals who can help on!

written by Michelle Chee