Turn Your Empty Corners Into Home Wonders In 6 Ways

Ever have that one spot in your home that you just don’t know what to do with? Most of us would probably fill the corner with a pot of plant, and we’re guessing it’s still sitting there right now (believe us, you’re not alone!).

Don’t let these pocket of spaces go to waste – turn those empty corners into lively, interesting and functional spaces with these 6 smart decorating ideas and items:

1. High-Back Chairs

You can have high-back chairs at the corners of your home with a small table in between and a rug. This creates a perfectly cozy sitting area.

2. Space Saving Triangles

Triangles are great for corners, first because they fit perfectly into, corners! Do yourself a favour and turn your corner into extra storage space by putting in a corner shelf. Get creative and decorate with a mix of books, plants, souvenirs, teapots, and whatever your heart desires.

Another idea is to use a free-standing triangular shelf, like the one below. Since a triangular shelf is really half the size of a regular square shelf unit, it’s great for small corner spaces.

Source: fab.com

3. Reading Corner

Do you have piles of books that need a space? Get a simple bookcase fitted into the corner or you can install a reading swing for your kids and yourself (a great way to get them into books!). Instead of a regular chair, get comfortable by using a lounge chair so you can also stretch your legs.

Source: homedit.com

4. Display Cabinets

A display cabinet that is built-in or freestanding makes good use of a corner for keeping pretty dishes, extra flatware and linens close by.

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Source: amazon.co.uk

5. Petite Desks

Even petite desks can make use of the smallest corner of your house. Use it as a phone desk or add a lamp décor to accessorise.

Source: stiltskinstudios.com

6. Game Corner

You can build a ‘banquette’ (picture below) at the corner of the room and have a game table where you can sit comfortably and play for hours, whether it’s chess, battleship or snake n’ ladders.

Source: relivinginteriors.com

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