Top 6 Trendiest Lighting Styles To Have In 2015

Every house and office building need some sort of lighting, choose them just to stay out of darkness or explore more function and style that innovation has brought to modern lighting.

Your lighting choices determines the mood and tonality of your space, so imagine where you want to be transported to and think about what the illumination in the room looks like. Then you can make a straight-switch to fancy-shaped light bulbs, or super-style the lighting effects in your house or office renovation with the top lighting styles of 2015:

1. Pendant Lights

This is a trend to follow in 2015. Pendant lights are an inspiration from the past with a twist of modern ‘vintage lighting’ and is a key design in contemporary architectural design. Hang them in clusters, spread them out or group the individual fixtures to create one truly dramatic overhead light fixture.

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2. The Chandelier Comeback

Chandeliers are coming back in demand and they’re not wanted just in the dining room or ballroom anymore (depending which decade you’re from).  We are seeing them in kitchens, bathrooms and even in laundry rooms.

A traditional symbol of elegance and class, modern chandeliers are available in sleeker designs and material that can fit into difference sized rooms and aesthetics. Even in some small apartments, chandeliers are used as a feature piece in a minimalist interior decor scheme .


3. In-Drawer Lights

By far one of the most practical trends to have around – having lights inside drawers and cabinets. Don’t you hate it when you end up wasting time rummaging through dark drawers? Installing lighting for drawers is an easy DIY job that you can do by getting stick-on LEDs, or ask a local electrician to help with some simple electrical wiring.


4. Lighting In The Shower

Lights integrated into shower-head fixtures and stalls can create a more relaxing experience when you wind down in the shower. If you’re in the middle of planning a bathroom renovation, now’s a good time to call your renovation contractor or electrician to add some shower lights to your inventory list.

5. LED Lights

LEDs have been a strong contender in the last few years and retains its spot in 2015. Lasting up to 25 times longer and proven to be 6-7 times more efficient than conventional lighting, we’re not surprised that LEDs are topping the charts with houses and offices.

Despite its expensive price tag, you will recover your cost eventually with these bad boys and save a lot of money in the long run by reducing your electricity bills and lasts very long – definitely worth the investment. Perfect for accent lighting.


6. Wireless Lighting Control

This is the coolest trend to have and operate. Apart from having the ability to dim lights comfortably from your sofa, many homeowners are now requesting to integrate their lighting controls with their security system which they can remotely access from their mobile phones.

You can set your lighting to go on and off together with your house alarm or switch on the lights at certain times of the day when you’re away on holiday.

Source: (fabela iMag)

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