Transform Your Balcony & Rooftops With These 4 Amazing Ideas

There are endless ideas when it comes to decorating your balcony or rooftops – you can treat them as an extra room in your house or office, and get creative with different design themes for an enjoyable space that you can use to take a break, unwind or entertain.

When choosing a function or theme, consider the size of your balcony or rooftop, how much time you are willing to maintain the space and how whether your decor can suit the tropical weather in Malaysia (this depends on how much covering you have for your balcony area).

Maybe these design themes can get your creative juices flowing, there could be one design that’s just right for you:

1. Secret Garden

If you love nature why not transform your balcony into a lush garden. The key is to keep all your pots and plants organised.

First, decide if you want to plant veggies or flowers. Try to visualise your green space before actually planting anything – this will avoid over doing and making the space smaller by crowding it unnecessarily with decors.

Next, think about different colour and flower combination that you can use for your garden. If you’ve got the extra space, add some seating area to it. A little bit DIY landscaping can make a big difference too!


2. The Reading Corner

Go al-fresco with your reading, it adds more to the adventure in your mind when you’re outside!

Create a cozy effect by covering up your balcony or rooftop floors with some nice wood or tiles. Add on some woolen carpet, fluffy cushions and a bench or chair. Don’t forget to put a ‘do not disturb’ sign at the entrance until you’re done solving a murder with Dan Brown!


3. Tea-Time Always

How about making your own makeshift tea or coffee area? What’s more relaxing than sitting back, watch people on the street, hearing the birds sing and just staring out into the endless horizon while sipping on your Earl Grey or French Roast (okay, so not all of us live on set of ‘The Sound of Music’ in the Swiss Alps, but you get the idea!)

Reuse a corner table and DIY some wooden chairs into your own style and taste. Place some potted plants and fresh flowers on the table, call some friends over and put the kettle on.

Source: (left) & (right)

4. Lay-Back Lounge

Renovating your space and turning it into a lounge area ┬áis a great idea if you have a large balcony or rooftop. Wine never tasted any better in the cool evening breeze and you don’t have to go all the way downtown to have a pint with your mates!

Decorate it as you please – sofas, lounge chairs, futons, a fluffy rug. You can even put in hanging chairs or a hammock just for fun.

Source: Pinterest

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