How To Transform Your Home into the Ultimate Wanderlust Den

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Got a bite from the travel bug? We know that feeling. That itch to explore new places and experience different cultures, to be on the road, not knowing what to expect next in a foreign land.

Unfortunately, we all have budget constraints and as much as we wish to constantly be travelling, we can’t. So the next best option is to transform your Malaysian home into a wanderlust den for that home-but-away vibe. 

Map The Place

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Get globes, world maps, and map-themed pillows. If you want to go all the way, get a map as a wallpaper too. Nothing shouts wanderlust louder than maps and globes in the house.

Suit(case) Up!

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What do you bring when you travel? A suitcase, of course. Interestingly enough, a suitcase has other functions besides storing clothes. You can stack a few suitcases together as a makeshift table. Or make a chair out of it!

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Wanderlust Wall

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Collect postcards of places you’ve been to or places you’d love to visit and stick them on the wall, or attach them on a wire grid for a more rustic look. That’s one creative way to get a feature wall without using paint or a wallpaper! Aside from postcards, you could also get your favourite travel photos printed out and displayed on the wall for all to see.

Choose A Country

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Pick a dream country and use that as a source of inspiration for your home interior. You go create a Parisian boudoir and cafe at home; or a Spanish villa with flamenco dancers. You can even recreate a Mexican cactus farm in your living room!

Sunny Beach Life

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We love nothing more than a holiday by the beach: the white sand, clear waters, coconut trees. Recreate that in your home and you’ll be waking up refreshed every morning!

A Collection Of Cities

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Have photos and home accessories with visuals of each city you want to travel to on display in each room. You can have fun by naming the rooms after the different cities it is decorated like, The Shanghai, The Kuala Lumpur, or The London. 

Then you can proudly say that you woke up in New York and had breakfast in Hong Kong.

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written by Esther Chung