This is How You Can Train To Be Like Our SEA Games Athletes

We’re super proud of all our SEA Games athletes! Some of them have already brought home the medals, while others are still preparing for their turn to represent the country. From their skills and muscular physique, we know that behind all the medals are hours of daily training. It’s really not easy for them.

Take a look at how they train:

Pandelela Rinong

pandelela rinong
Photo credit: Nike

For our diving queen, eight hours of training is just like any other day in her life. The 24 year-old Olympic silver medalist wakes up at 7.30 am everyday to gym and train for three and a half hours. She then takes a break for lunch, and continues her training for another three and a half hours.

Pandelela follows a strict diet when she’s training: protein and fibre are high on her list, a bit of carbohydrates, and no oily or sweet food.

Farah Ann Abdul Hadi

farah ann abdul hadi
Photo credit: The Star

Farah Ann trains six days a week for more than five hours each day. Besides that, she gyms almost daily, doing exercises like squats, lunges, and lifting weights. She also does intensive weight training to maintain her nimbleness as a gymnast.

Besides that, the 23 year-old gymnast makes sure she eats a balanced diet and drinks a glass of milk daily to stay in good shape.

Chan Peng Soon

chan peng soon
Photo credit: K. E. Ooi

The first thing Peng Soon does when he wakes up is to train at badminton for three hours. He does some stretching exercises in between trainings. Sleeping early is also part of his routine, so he can start fresh every morning.

Heidi Gan

heidi gan
Photo credit: Heidi Gan

Heidi starts her day earlier than her fellow teammates: she’s usually up by 4.45 am so she can start training by 5.30 am. After training, she’ll usually spend an hour at the gym to build her strength.

She also finds it important to have a physiotherapy session after her rigorous training so she can relax her muscles before heading to work. Depending on her schedule, she trains for a second time after work.

We’re truly impressed with our athletes’ determination. They put so much heart and effort into their trainings, and we can see that they’re really giving their all in the arena. We wish them all the best for the remaining SEA Games categories! Go for gold!

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written by Esther Chung