Hottest Curtains & Blinds Trends

Thinking of shaking things up a little with an updated look for your home interior design? If replacing your old furniture, doing some house renovation, working with a renovation contractor seem too big of a commitment for you, why not look into some new curtain design or blinds designs? Easily dismissed, framing your windows can be a fun and creative activity that refreshes the style of your home.  Blinds and curtains are very prominent given they cover all your windows.  It’ s important you pick the right style for your home.  They’re also not that easy to replace as they’re usually customised for each window.

There are many types of curtains in the market such as wooden blinds, vertical blinds, bamboo blinds, roller blinds or window blinds. In this post, we have picked a few curtain and blinds designs which have been popular this year.  This might help you get a move on looking for the best ones for your home.

Natural Woven Shades 


If roller blinds are your thing, these natural woven shades and blinds lend a charming, rustic feel to the room. This look is bound to score points with those who appreciate a simple yet classic style. You can find them made out of bamboo, reeds and sisal.  These are eco-friendly options. Bamboo blinds are definitely a hit.

Sheers are back

Source: Apartment Therapy

I know what you’re thinking — lacy, frilly, over-the-top sheer curtains that smell like the crazy cat lady’s house.  At the same time they’re majestic, refined, sophisticated, opulent.  Lately they have been making a comeback and finding a place  in modern contemporary design. Sheers are great for strong sunny days in our climate, by letting enough light inside while diffusing it to a more comfortable hue. To keep that sophisticated, opulent look stick to a flat colour.  Greys, whites, and cream coloured shades are really versatile and timeless.

Bold colours and patterns


Patterns and bold colours are really risky but if done well they add a huge surge of personality to the room.  It can do wonders in complementing your furniture and walls’ simpler styles.  Patterns and colours are really a matter of taste and patterns which you might like, might not be appreciated as much by the next person.  So if you’re thinking of renting out your place, you might want to avoid taking such bold design decisions. The Ikat pattern in particular has been highly popular for curtain designs and are also regularly used for upholstery and rugs.

2 coloured curtains

Source: Favorite Paint Colors Blog

Contemporary white roller blinds

You really can’t go wrong with contemporary white roller blinds.  Simple, classy, versatile, modern.  These types of blinds have been the standard go to option for most modern, contemporary apartment and interior design styles. They suit contemporary, minimalist furniture and blend in well with the entire living room. They don’t distract by being too colourful, over the top and draw very little attention.  It’s subtlety brings focus to the rest of our living while it serves its function of blocking out light.


If you prefer a harmonious feel, try to make sure the colours of your curtains match the rest of the deco in your home. So consider the look and feel that you desire – bold and vibrant, soothing and relaxing, fun and edgy, etc. then pick a color and texture that fit well with the overall look.

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