5 Exciting Accent Features For Bathrooms

Luxury themed bathroom

In this fast-paced modern century, one would rarely stop and smell the roses. Ask yourself, when was the last time you left all your gadgets behind, closed your eyes and just relaxed? The reality is, the only alone time that you might have in a day would be in the bathroom. Check out these design trends and think about investing a little bit more on the aesthetics of your bathroom; some are easy to do ideas for the home.

Consider some exciting accent features that would really make your bathroom special and out of the ordinary.  Here are some ideas:

1. Feature floor tiles

In 2014, feature floor tiles were in favour and this striking look is not going anywhere. According to a couple of interior designer companies in Malaysia, they are beautiful and produce a stunning design opportunity as it draws attention to a very important part of the room.  There’s also hardly a wall large enough for a feature. For a narrower bathroom, feature floor tiles give an edge without limiting the space and when used in a larger bathroom, the effect is enhanced.

Attractive bathroom tile motifs beautify your bathroom

2. Natural attraction

Taking cue from nature is an excellent way to cozy up a generally tough room of the house and introduce the space with a relaxing sensation. A quick way to introduce this trend into bathroom interior design is to use earthy materials like natural stone or wood.

Look how zen this feels! I can totally feel the peace.

3. Live plants

Wall plants are still trending. Having live greenery in your bathroom when you’re soaking in a bathtub after a long day will be instantly calming. If you would like to try injecting greenery into your bathroom in a bold manner, you can try a design-savvy alternative to potted plants- a vertical mini garden.

Who says you can’t bring the wild indoors?

4. Smart water control

Technology is becoming increasingly important in our lives. We can’t ignore it. Plain showers and basin taps are so yesterday. These days, interior designers and house renovation contractors will introduce their clients to clever and easy-to-use fixtures such as mixers that allow control on multiple water sources and touchscreen-operated showers that give users more control over the flow and temperature of water. Get ahead of the curve by incorporating more technology into your bathroom fixtures.

These trends are still fairly new in Malaysia but well-known interior designers and house renovation companies would have great knowledge as well as the tools to make your ideal bathroom. They would also be able to work around your budget and advise you on the do’s and don’t’s.

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