Here Are The Top 6 Best Garden Design Trends of 2017

garden bench
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Gardening is a healthy hobby, and coming home to a beautiful lawn is so relaxing. If you have the luxury to enjoy having a garden area in the compounds of your home, we highly recommend that you spend some time beautifying it.

Whether you’re a newbie at gardening or you’re thinking about revamping your garden, do check out our list of the best garden design trends of 2017:

Make your watering can part of the garden design

japanese garden with water ladle
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Every garden needs a watering can. As such, using a watering can as a decorative item isn’t a ridiculous idea. All you need to do is find a can that suits the theme of your garden, for example: a wooden ladle for a Japanese garden; or a classic watering can for a European-themed rose garden.

Go traditional with natural materials

home garden with bonsai and pebbles
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Think timbre, pebbles, stone, and water. The trend for 2017 in landscape design is to keep things simple by going back to the roots. Forget porcelain pots and glass-topped tables. Instead, go for wooden benches and huge stones as makeshift tables.

Include benches and chairs

metal chairs in the garden
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You can even use your garden as an outer room to host guests on cooler days. Get some comfortable seats out there and create your own mini verandah.

Make it local

malaysian garden
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‘Hyperlocalism’ is the buzzword recently in landscape design. The idea is to create a garden using locally sourced materials and plants: eg. hibiscus, bougainvillea, orchids, bird’s nest fern, etc.

Build gabion walls or pillars

gabion stone pillars
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Gabion means “big cage” in Italian. Gabion walls are retaining walls, and those made using steel grills are trending these days. Get one made for yourself and you can plant some lovely flowers in this makeshift pot, or transform them into stands and pillars.

Plant mini shrubs

dwarf shrubs in home garden
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Plan some space to allow for mini shrubs to grow. You’ll have to trim them regularly to make sure they’re below knee-height so they won’t overwhelm your garden, especially if you don’t have much space. Mini shrubs makes your garden look ‘complete’ without crowding it.

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written by Esther Chung