The Top 5 Languages in the World That Will Get You Places

Being multilingual has plenty of benefits, from being able to communicate more easily when you travel abroad, to progressing in your career. It also helps if you want to start a business and need to trade with another country. No matter what your reasons for learning a new language are, here are some of the world’s best and most useful languages to pick up:


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Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world and is the official language of China. Mandarin is currently spoken by about 14.5% of the world’s population or about 955 million people.

Apart from China, Mandarin is also widely spoken in Taiwan and Singapore, as well as the Chinese diaspora all over the world. It has a pictographic written form which you’ll have to learn in conjunction with learning how to speak and listen. Bilingual individuals who know both Mandarin and English or any other mother tongue are going to be extremely valuable in the decades to come as China opens up its doors more and more to international trade.


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Apart from Spain, Spanish is spoken by almost all of the countries in South America, as well as some of the citizens of America. This makes Spanish the second most widely spoken language in the world after Mandarin. What’s more, it’s one of easiest language to learn as it resembles English in many ways and the writing is similar too.


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French is another language from Europe that is widely spoken throughout the world, especially in France and former French territories in places like Africa and Canada. It is projected that by 2050, there will be 750 million French speakers on earth. There are many multinational French companies all over the world and they’re more than willing to hire staff that are fluent in French and the local tongue.


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Arabic is the fifth most widely used language worldwide, and is spoken mainly by the countries of the middle east. Due to the growing consumer market in the middle east, many people are encouraging individuals to take up this language in order to establish their brands in the region.


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Japanese products have been exported all over the world, including cars, mobile phones, anime, manga, food and so much more. It’s a useful language to know if you’re interested in Japanese culture, as well as if you’re looking to work in one of the international Japanese brands locally or abroad. Learning Japanese also means that you’ll have to master three writing styles, namely Katagana, Hiragana and Kanji, which will need some effort and determination – but all made possible with professional guidance.


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You’ve probably heard of the Korean Wave or Hallyu sweeping the globe in the last two decades or so. Korean dramas, music, pop groups, cosmetics, design and fashion are just some of the things that are changing the daily lives of many people all over the globe. Korean is fairly easy to pick up and its writing, called Hangul, is consisted of a small set of shapes that are combined to make a single sound. Hangul works the same way that English alphabets combine to form a word.

If you’re planning to learn a new language, you will find that you’ll progress much quicker if you’re genuinely interested in the said language. You’ll also need to find a really good instructor that will impart the language in the simplest way possible, and you can start looking for a language teacher right here at Kaodim. We’ll send you free quotes to compare!

written by Michelle Chee