Top 4 ‘Versa-style’ Colours For A Fresh Home Makeover

Colours can ignite the senses and enhance your visual and mental state of mind – it can make you feel happy, energised, relaxed or depressed, anxious and restricted. Without having to move out or do a major house renovation, a simple coat of paint can immediately alter the look and how you feel in your own home.

Simply ask your interior designer or paint supplier for a colour chart to get inspired – many manufacturers will have charts that group colours according to the mood that you want to create for your rooms. We’ve narrowed down 4 very versatile and stylish colour palettes to get you started:

1. Natural Hues

One of 2015’s colour palette of the year are neutral hues with a more natural tone. Having a neutral colour as your main palette will give you the flexibility to accessorise your home in any other colours. Comfortable and ‘weathered’ colours are the hallmark of today’s midrange neurtral palette.

In case you didnt’ know, there are many more types of ‘neutral colours’ other than the brown earthy variety. A silvery green colour is a neutral and natural hue which can work with a range of colour combination from subtle tones to daring shades. Another idea is to have a monochromatic concept throughout the house to bind all the rooms together.


2. Dark Tones

Want your guest to keep talking about your house? Dark and rich tones are made to be remembered – these memorable colour choice can transform any space into a dreamy and mythical escape.

A deep and opaque Noir evokes drama and is a good colour to balance lighter hues in the room.This is a perfect pick for those with a penchant for dark neutrals, as to the safe stronghold of off-whites.


3. Shades of Blue

A saturated shade of blue such as Teal can energize a space instantly, and who wouldn’t love it? This shade is both classic and dramatic.

By painting your walls in medium blue shades can bring about a feeling of optimism, as it is reminiscent of the open ocean and endless skies. You can also use blue tones to calm down and balance busy or bohemian type of prints in the room.

4. Jewel Tones

Adding to the dramatic dazzle are lovely jewel tones! Most jewel tones are rich and have depth to them. This sumptuous shade is best used on a feature wall to draw attention to a specific section of the room.

Don’t be intimidated by its very rich tone – in actual fact, these colours are more versatile than you think and can be paired with different shades to decorate the rest of the room.


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