Top 10 Places You Should Travel To For Pre-Wedding Photos

This article also appears in the August 2016 issue of Malindo Magazine

Craving a taste of adventure for your pre-wedding photoshoot? If you have wanderlust in your veins and wouldn’t mind shelling out a little more cash, a destination photoshoot is the ideal opportunity to travel while having a collection of romantic photographs to mark the beginning of your marriage. If your budget doesn’t allow you to fly all the way to Paris or San Francisco, you could still have a cost-efficient getaway in Southeast Asia while reserving the bulk of your budget for your wedding. Here are some gorgeous landscapes you can feature in your pre-wedding photos!

Bali, Indonesia

beautiful bali-tootlersBali | Photo credit:

Bali is internationally renowned for the jewel waters wrap that around the sandy shores of its pristine beaches, and the jaw-dropping sunsets that hang over the island. Dig your toes into the soft sand and pose against the scenic expanse of the blue waters that stretch into the horizon. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you could take a trip to the mountains up in Kintamani or the busy Ubud Market for a change of environment.

Hong Kong

victoria harbor
Victoria Harbor | Photo credit:

An energetic metropolis that never sleeps, Hong Kong boasts some breathtaking sights like the serene Kowloon Park and sparkling Victoria Harbor. Kowloon Park will charm you with its serenity, while Victoria Harbor just leaves you breathless at its view. Nestled between Hong Kong City and Kowloon Peninsula, Victoria Harbor is regarded as the largest harbor in Asia and the third largest in the world. At night, the buildings fronting the water light up resplendently, their colourful reflections glinting in the dark water, and the night skyline of Hong Kong is a beauty to behold.


Gardens By The BayGardens By The Bay | Photo credit: Carissa Gan

Singapore offers a mixture of classic and urban backdrops. The area surrounding Gardens By The Bay is a popular spot for photos especially late in the evening or at night, when the stunning architecture lights up against the dark, velvety sky. Or if you’re lusting for a playful, thematic feel, Universal Studios in Singapore has stunning photo opportunities set against its unique rides and retro-themed decor. There’s also Haji Lane, which broadcasts the hipster aspect of Singapore through interesting graffiti and murals by local artists.

Malacca, Malaysia

jonker street malaccaJonker Street | Photo credit:

Regaled for its charm and historical elements, Malacca remains as one of Malaysia’s many gems, bursting at the seams with heritage, history and culture, and tainted with imprints of previous centuries from when it was once colonised by the Dutch, Portugese and British. Malacca offers cool photo opportunities such as churches, heritage hotels, and the celebrated Jonker Street, hemmed together by cute little shops and stalls selling souvenirs and cultural snacks.

Perth, Australia

london court perth
London Court | Photo credit:

Perth is blessed with beautiful terrains, from a myriad of sprawling parks and gardens to photogenic buildings around the city. Autumn is a great season to shoot in Hyde Park. Picture maple trees raining down golden-orange leaves around you while golden sunlight filters through the trees. It’s the perfect romantic setting! You could also check out London Court in the city, a little alleyway lined with interesting shops that border between English vintage and classic modernism.

Ho Chih Minh, Vietnam

saigon opera house ho chih minh
Saigon Opera House | Photo credit:

Ho Chih Minh is a buzzing city that pulses with energy, renowned for its many temples and 21st century skyscrapers. This city contains a plethora of gems such as the Saigon Opera House, also referred to as the Municipal Theatre. Designed in 1897 by French architect Eugene Ferret, this majestic building reflects historical French Colonial architecture and adds a 19th century spin on your pre-wedding photos.

Batam, Indonesia

batam indonesia
Batam Beach | Photo credit:

Looking for a fun, affordable getaway for your pre-wedding photos? Located only an hour away from Singapore, this island is home to coastal villages and beautiful nature, with a wide array of luxurious resorts and golf courses. Batam is perfect for picturesque pre-wedding photos set against the ocean and dazzling sunsets.

Delhi, India

Neemrana Fort Palace
Neemrana Fort Palance | Photo credit:

Delhi sits proudly in North India as the country’s capital territory. Lodi Gardens is loved for its lush green scenery and historical monuments, and you and your photographer will emerge from the gardens with a broad range of striking images. Another great location in Delhi is Neemrana Fort-Palace, a grand hotel with hanging gardens that is also one of India’s oldest heritage forts. Constructed in the 15th century and winner of the “Certificate of Excellence, 2013” award, this hotel provides a scenic view of the countryside, with rolling terrains in the background.

Sanya, China

sanya gorgeous sunsetYalong Bay | Photo credit:

The sun dissolves into brilliant hues of purple, orange and gold across the horizon of Sanya, where clean sandy beaches overlook the expanse of the clear blue ocean. It doesn’t get any more romantic than this! Sanya is a city on the southern tip of China’s Hainan Island, with a quiet elegance that rivals Bali’s beautiful shores. The golden beach along Yalong Bay and clear skies that eventually melt into glorious sunsets are just splendid for romantic photos.

Bandung, Indonesia

bandung taman hutan raya juanda
Taman Hutan Raya Juanda | Photo credit:

Nicknamed the Flower City, Bandung is well-regarded for its panoramic mountains and lush nature. It’s the perfect city to travel to if you’re looking to implement elements of nature into your photographs. Have your shoot at Stone Garden with looming gray mountains in the background, or be enveloped by towering pine trees at the pine forest known as Taman Hutan Raya Juanda. Don’t forget to browse the cute coffee shops at the entrance of the forest.

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written by Carissa Gan