Tips To Finding The Right Plumber

plumber inspecting pipes during a plumbing job

There are a lot of things we want in a home, but having a swimming pool in your kitchen is certainly something you’d like to avoid!

A burst pipe, a leaking faucet, and a toilet that just won’t flush is more than an annoyance; it’s detrimental to our living space and causes a lot of water to be wasted.

So what does anyone in the right mind do? Well, a rational person would look for plumbing service providers for a solution.  In other words, hire a plumbing contractor to fix the problem. With so many plumbers in Klang Valley to choose from, it’s hard to find the right guy.

Here are some guidelines in dealing with a plumbing contractor so that you make the most effective use of his time and expertise.

1. Determine what needs fixing

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Prior to hiring a plumber, you need to know what you actually need as this will be important when making a decision; this will save you time and costs in the future. Some plumbing contractors only offer basic or just one type service such as replacing (pipes, joints, taps, etc) or repairing work, installing fixtures and troubleshooting common plumbing issues. Some problems might be more complex and it would be better if you hire higher calibre plumbers, specialising in more complicated plumbing problems.

2. Time for research

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Normally you would get referrals from various friends of plumbers they’ve employed before. Alternatively, you might check out reviews on your local forums to get a better understanding of plumbing services or companies to ensure you are getting the right plumber for your needs. If you have a real estate agent you are familiar with, you can consult them for advice because they usually keep a handful of contacts they trust and like to work with. The more experienced the plumber is, the higher the chances of getting the job done right the first time. 

3. Compare prices

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Once you have narrowed down the plumbers you want to contact, you can start comparing quotations after being specific about your problems. Getting at least 3 quotations is advisable so you know you are getting the best deals in town. 

Also, depending on your plumbing needs, the plumber might need to come over to assess the situation before giving you an accurate quote and it’s best to keep the project the same for every plumber you consult.  You might want to consider whether the plumber charges for a site inspection or consultation.

4. Plumbing licenses and warranty

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Before making the final decision to hire a plumber, it’s advisable to check the legitimacy of their licenses, as this will help when you need to make a formal complaint if things do not go as promised. Hiring a freelance plumber may be cheaper but if anything goes awry liability can’t be placed on the plumber. The best plumbers usually offer some form of guarantee on the work they perform but are aware of the full extent of warranties awarded.  

In general, as long as the professional has sufficient experience and can get the problem fixed, most Malaysians are happy. Carrying out due diligence to this extent might be very time-consuming.

Once the job is completed, if the workmanship is satisfactory, make sure to leave a good review for the plumbing services company and recommend them to anyone who needs a good plumber. A plumber relies heavily on word of mouth and reputation.

Quite wonderfully, allows you to do everything we stated above in just a matter of minutes. We verify and vet all our plumbers giving you options from reliable plumbers and some of them with excellent workmanship. It provides an easy and seamless, streamlined experience when hiring a plumber.

You can read real customer reviews of a plumber before you hire him. Then once the job is done, leave a review on that plumber’s works. That’ll really help many other Malaysians who might decide to hire him in the future.