Tips for men: How to paint the interior of a house. And why you’ll ALWAYS need a woman’s help.

Okay men, so you’ve just gone through a house renovation. And you know the importance of getting the right paint work – it can transform the mundane into inspiring and it raises your property’s value. You thought you’d save some money on painting and get it done yourself (sure…easy right…?).

Here’s how to actually get the interior of your house painted. The right way.

The exterior is a different story for a different day.

Yup – wait for the “How to” before trying any exterior painting on your own.

1. What colour?


Tour the interior of your home. Write down your thoughts on good colour, with gloss, sunlight, windows and furniture in mind. Remember:

  • light colours work anywhere – dark colours can work, but you’d need lots of windows and natural light
  • neutral colours are easy to match – keep to this if you’re looking to sell or rent your property out
  • if you’re like, tech-savvy, take photos and pop them up on Photoshop – edit till you’re satisfied before purchasing that colour or something close to it

Yeah right. Call your wife, girlfriend or mother. Let her decide. It’ll look better, trust me.

2. But how much paint do I need?


So you want to take an educated guess. Measure height and width of all the areas you need to paint (math lessons…coming back to brain…arghhh) – it’s usually quite impossible to measure everything, so start with the largest surfaces and made additions and deductions as appropriate.

  • don’t forget about windows and doors
  • err on the side of more paint (running short can get you into all sorts of trouble, like the partial coat drying out. When you paint the other portion, it might end up with a different colour tone)
  •  write the square footage of the total paintable areas down. Generally speaking 1 gallon of paint covers about 350 square feet, give or take. Google ‘Nippon Paint Estimator’ for help.

Yeah right. This math problem is too much for you. Get a pro handyman or contractor to sort.

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3. Budget 

Money from Heaven

Choose wisely, depending on budget. Gloss, high gloss or textured, satin, matte, they all have different prices. And not to forget primers, brushes, rollers, pans and tapes. And cost of food, cause you’ll get hungry from all that painting. After you’ve estimated how much paint you need, it’s worthwhile popping into the store to do some math (oh no not again) on what your expenditure will be like.

Yeah right. You’ll be playing video games, no time to go to the store. Repeat – wife, girlfriend or good girl friend.

4. Workforce & Schedule


If you don’t intend to get it sorted on kaodim, you’ll need to plan your workforce & schedule. You’ll need lots of help. Here’s what and who you need to plan for:

  • furniture movers, painters – the ones who’ll do the grunt work. Tearing away old wallpaper. Heavy furniture lifting. Painting in straight line. Most likely you
  • keen eyes – the meticulous ones with an eye for detail. They’ll paint and trim the edges. Most likely wife, girlfriend or good girl friend
  • coordinator – time keeper and the one who’ll make sure everyone’s taken care of. Not likely you

So there you have it, a few handy dandy tips to get you through painting the interior of your house. The hard way. You know where this is going…

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Kaodim. The only time a woman doesn’t have to step in. XOXO. Hugs and kisses from wife, girlfriend and mother.