Tips for Designing a Garden

The best gardens are those which are calming and provide an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity. Outstanding landscape design will make a garden look stunning and evoke those senses. Its design would allow for open accessibility and low maintenance. The walkways have to be easy to navigate and the plants you choose must provide interest as well as serve a purpose without killing the rest or shine above others. Here are a few pro tips on landscape design.

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1. Space is good

Make sure your walkways are big enough for comfortable passage.  It’s okay to have large open spaces. Your plants and trees should line and serve as features. You’re not trying to grow a forest. Also, nobody likes to wedge through small spaces. Main passageway should be no less than 5 feet wide and enough for at least two people to walk side by side. For smaller secondary paths, the width should be at least 3 feet. Do remember that the path needs to be wider if the plantings or structures that line your walkway are taller. Tall boundaries make any space feel more cramped.

2. Stable pathways

Be certain that any paving is sold and comfortable to walk on. Avoid smooth surfaces or poorly fixed pavers that are not stable. Paving materials like polished granite or smooth outdoor tile are really stylish and trending at the moment but they don’t offer a lot of grip. Think about whether people slipping and sliding on your concrete slabs is something you want.  Gravel walkways are fine—just use unsifted gravel.

Whatever your paving material, make sure your paved surfaces are slightly elevated to keep water from accumulating on them.

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3. Plant for growth

Allow your plants some room to grow. Your plants will take some time to take shape and they will always keep growing.  So make sure you give them enough room. Also, think about how your garden will look after they’ve grown and if there will be a lot of maintenance involved. For example, bamboo plants have their leaves fall all the time.  You can also plant fast-growing, short-lived “filler” plants to temporarily bulk up your plantings.

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4. Think way ahead

Lighting really makes your garden stand out, especially at night.  The lights really show off your plants.  You will eventually want these features so you should consider fixing electrical conduit and irrigation piping 18 inches below ground along walkways and near bed edges. Wiring and plumbing are easy to install in the future if the piping is already there and you won’t have to damage established plantings or rip up your current paving. This will save you time and money.

Landscape design needs quite thorough planning. A landscape architect can help you in making your dream garden a reality. Besides saving you so much time, they can also spare you the unnecessary headaches.

Now you may ask, how do I find a landscape architect?  Andy from Idea Group and Azarul from Azatek are some of the leading landscape contractors on Kaodim.  They can advise you on the look, price and maintenance of your dream garden. Other than Azarul and Ardy there are many professional landscape architects that you can choose from. Simply head over to and answer a few questions.  Within hours or a day or so, receive and review your introductions.  You’ll be on your way to making your dream garden a reality.