This Will Make You Believe: Sleeping Positions Reveal Your Personality Traits

Sleep is part of our natural way of rejuvenating energy. As humans who get tired, we sleep the way we see fit for ourselves. Some prefer to sleep on their sides. Other likes back sleeping or stomach sleeping. It depends on a person’s comfortability. But did you know that your sleeping position can divulge your personality traits?

beautiful girl sleeps in the bedroom

According to Robert Phipps, a body language expert, sleeping positions uncover a glimpse of an individual’s personality. For example, Mariah Carey has an unusual sleeping habit. She inundates herself with fifteen humidifiers.

Nikola Tesla, on the other hand, has an odd sleeping pattern. He sleeps in just a short period, and because of this, he suffered from nightmares every day with three-dimensional visions in his mind. He’s a total under-the-shade genius with pioneering contributions in the field of AC electricity. Famous people have odd sleeping positions, and with that habit, people could somehow tell what type of person they are.

Director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, Professor Chris Idzikowski conducted a study wherein he links the personality type with the sleeping position they have.  After finding out the types of snoring, he comes up with the analysis that a sleeping position connects to a personality trait of an individual.

“We are all aware of our body language when we are awake, but this is the first time we have been able to see what our subconscious posture says about us. What’s interesting is that the profile behind the posture is often very different from what we would expect,” quoted Chris Idzikowski.

The way we sleep is a choice of our subconscious. But as the science proved it, a sleeping position can let the cat out of the fragments of your psyche. If you want to know the secrets behind, read and find out if it’s true.

Guerrilla Sleeper

woman sleeping on back with arms on side

Sleepers like them are soldier-like. They are back sleepers with arms on their sides.

If you are this type of sleeper, you are a quiet person. They say you are reserved and high, and a person of solidarity. Moreover, you are savvy to high standards and attentive to moral codes.

Being like this, you are genuine and dexterous too.

Log Sleeper

The-Log sleeper
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From the word log, a person sleeps like one. They lay in beds sideways together with their arms. 15 percent of people sleep like this. They look boring with this position, but their personality is a complete opposite.

Personality-wise, you are a “social butterfly.” Just like a butterfly, you tend to be carefree, sweet and friendly. You are a sociable sleeper who trusts easily but naive at times.


Photo credit: Naukrinama

A yearner position is almost the same with logs. They sleep on their sides but stretches their hands as if they want to reach out. If you sleep like this, you are an open and inviting type of person. Also, when it comes to decision-making, you are slow and doubtful. You tend to have that wishy-washy trait.

Fetal Sleeper

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In this position, a person sleeps like a fetus. Both legs of the sleeper curled up. Based on the study conducted by the sleep specialist Chris Idzikowski, 41 percent of the sample population sleep in this manner.

If you used to revitalize yourself this way, you have a trait like a turtle. You are soft-bodied inside while being tough outside. People may think you’re very tenacious, but deep inside you are sensitive and soft. You are shy to others as well. But sooner, you relax and open up quickly.

Freefall Sleeper

Photo credit: Herinterest

Freefallers are stomach sleepers in other terms. It seems like they sleep due to the gravity of tiredness. They fall in their beds with arms wrapped around the pillow with head turned sideways.

If you are a freefalling sleeper, you are resolute and approachable on the outside. Despite being courageous, you have a hard time accepting critiques and handling unexpected situations. In short, you tend to be free-spirited but sensitive.

Thinker Sleeper

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Sleepers like them give a thinker vibe. They usually put their hands on the chin as if they are wondering about something. You have an adventurous spirit and can be emotionally vulnerable sometimes. You are also a great friend and loves to make the most of your life.

Starfish Sleeper

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People who sleep in this position look like a starfish. They are back sleepers who stretch their hands and legs. Usually, they sleep in big-sized beds. Some experts called them “cactus sleepers” because they look like cactuses. What a carefree and space consuming position!

If you think you sleep like this, you are loyal and trustworthy. You are also a friendship-oriented person. You treat your friends as if they are your only lifeline. At the same time, you are a good listener and loves to help people in solving problems. You reach out to people as if you are a flying bird but doesn’t want attention. But once you are in the spotlight, you enjoyed it.

Pillow Huggers

lady cuddling pillow while sleeping

They cannot sleep without cuddling a pillow. Experts said that sleepers who loves hugging pillows value relationship matter a lot.

If you are a pillow hugger, then you cherish every close and personal relationship. A good relationship is your top priority. You are very affectionate as well.


stargazing sleeping position
Photo credit: Jose Luis Pelaez

Like a person who stargazes at night, people who sleep in a stargazer position put their arms in their heads while lying on their back. It is not a mainstream position, but people usually sleep like this when taking a nap.

If you’re a stargazer, you are a good friend and prioritize your life with them. You are very optimistic and a “happy-go-lucky’’ one. But sometimes, you can be very decadent and as high as the stars, your expectations are too high.

Human creatures have one of a kind traits together with unique sleeping positions. It is very enchanting to know the personality behind of your sleeping position. Studies show that Sleeping Position Personality Analysis test can reveal the natural hidden traits that other people don’t know.
If you notice a person’s sleeping posture, you can anticipate an individual’s personality trait because of knowing these secrets.

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