Think Like A Pro! 5 Basic Interior Designing Tips To Bring Your Vision To Life

Have you ever had a crystal clear vision of what you want your room to look like but when you go all out to paint the walls, buy the furniture, pick out décor accents, and even custom-make matching curtains, your entire room just ends up looking a little tacky and it’s just not ‘you’ at all? Decorating like an professional interior designer is more than putting a whole bunch of matchy-matchy stuff together in one room or following the latest trends.

Interior designers know that when they decorate for a client, it is very important to take into consideration the client’s vision and how each room in their home would be used. Think like a pro with these 5 tips before you start your next interior design project:

Pro Tip 1: Own Your Space 

We all know about personalising our homes to reflect who we are but nothing is worse than going halfway through making your space truly yours! Stores can distract you from making the choices that you want by influencing what you should purchase and how your home should look like. Distance yourself from stores who want to push you to buy pretty accessories that is just not down your alley.

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So what if you prefer calm neutral tones for your walls instead of bright chevron stripes? Do you like modern or retro? Maybe you prefer ruffles to clean cuts? You should be comfortable in your own space with the things that you like. Ensure that your space is 100% yours, anything less would just make your room look lacklustre.

Pro Tip 2: Keep It Comfortable 

Flipping through the pages of Elle Decor and Vogue Living, it’s easy to go all Ooh and Aah at their designer furniture and accessories. So you decide to purchase the same modern-slash-vintage chair design thinking about how envious your neighbours would be with this curated piece in the middle of your living room.

Then, you finally decided to try it out and the moment of truth dawns upon you – it hurts, you can’t lean down properly on it and it’s just all around uncomfortable! Whether you’re a professional or not, furniture that is beautiful visually but uncomfortable to use is a definite N-O. Comfort and function should be a priority when selecting your furnishings.

Pro Tip 3: Draft Out A Layout

Before you even think of spending your first ringgit down at the home store, draw out a plan of your space and know what you want to have in your room first. (‘I’ll know what to buy when I see it’ does not count as a plan)

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By having a plan, you’ll be able to see where your existing furniture and decor are and decide better which pieces you want to replace or where you can fit in new items. This avoids the unnecessary drudgery of moving heavy furniture around, not having all your pieces fit properly in the room and having to repeat the whole process again to get the proper visual for your room.


Pro Tip 4: Less Is More 

Keep your space clean and simple. Try not to go over the top if it’s your first time redesigning a room – you can always add more after putting the whole room together. Besides, having less things will make your room look bigger and neat.


Pro Tip 5: Take A Picture Before & After

Taking a picture can give you a ‘first-time’ perspective of your room. A before picture can help you to confirm the changes that you’d like to make and taking a picture after you’ve redesigned your interior can help you edit the details in your room. Maybe you don’t need all 10 cushions on your sofa, the picture frame could be a little higher on the wall or you’ll notice that having 2 pots of plants in the corner is enough.


If designing a whole entire room is getting over your head, take a deep breath and let us Kaodim it for you!

Contact us and let us know if you need help with space planning, interior design ideas, or even to finish some of your installation and repairs. We’ll connect you with the right interior designers, renovation contractors and handyman to bring your vision to life!