9 Things Your Contractor Really Wished You Knew

Here’s the thing: home renovators are on your side. They understand that you’re entrusting them with your house and dreams, that you need their help to create your perfect home.

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So why does it feel like they’re always throwing a wrench in your plans, asking you to spend more, discouraging you from certain changes? Shouldn’t things go smoothly now that you’ve got an expert on your side?

Here are a few things your home renovator wished you knew:

1. D.I.Y Is Not Necessarily Cheaper

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You might think doing home projects yourself is going to be so much cheaper than hiring a professional contractor; you don’t need to fork out extra for the work, and you’ll have more control over how things go, right?

While some simple procedures will be cheaper when done on your own, bigger and more complicated projects might end up costing you more if you decide to D.I.Y. You might need specialised tools and equipment you don’t have, and buying them for that one project would just be a waste.

You might also not be able to source the proper materials at a reasonable price. Lack of experience and improper technique risk mistakes and potential property damage – which will cost you more to fix than you’d have spent hiring a contractor in the first place.

2. Please Know What You Want…

When engaging a home renovator, be clear and transparent about what you want. Even if you don’t have everything down to the last detail, it’s good to have an idea of what kind of outcome you’d like. Your contractor can then help you with the planning and design, tell you if certain projects are feasible, or recommend better alternatives.

Having a clear vision of what you need will save on time and resources, avoiding miscommunication and mistakes that will be costly to fix.

3. … And Stick To It

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Sure, things change and you might decide you didn’t want an extra window after all. However, changing direction in the middle of a project is a costly – or even impossible – hassle that your home renovator would rather avoid. This is why it’s important to communicate clearly what you want and expect from the project, and to work closely with your contractor!

4. Know The Regulations

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You don’t necessarily have to memorise the housing codes in your area, but make sure you check that your grand vision isn’t going to violate the law. Certain renovations – like adding floors and extending areas – would require permits or approval from your city council, while others would just not be allowed. Your renovator may be able to help you with figuring this out, but it’s best that you’re aware of what you can and can’t do, or risk getting trouble with the authorities.

5. Some Things Are Impossible

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Maybe the renovation you want is not against the housing codes – but it could be against the law of physics. And while some things are doable, they might just be downright impractical.

Your contractor will have a better idea of what can, can’t, or shouldn’t be done. They’ll have to consider details like the placement of beams, electrical wiring, or plumbing. Insisting on going forward with an impractical renovation could give rise to problems in the long run.

6. Be Involved

Your home will be in the hands of experts – but you shouldn’t completely tune out! Be involved with the project and check in with your renovator from time to time, if only to make sure both of you are on the same page. However, avoid hovering and scrutinising their every move!

You should trust that they’ll do a professional job to realise your grand vision, but only if they’re guided by your idea and understanding.

7. Get A Good Fit

Good Fit
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Maybe you’re more comfortable getting a friend of a friend to renovate your home, but only do so if it makes sense! When hiring a contractor, make sure you get a professional who is experienced in the type of work you want done; if you want to dig a new pond, get someone who specialises in water features, not someone whose main line of work is ceiling work!

8. Don’t Skimp

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When sourcing your own materials, don’t skimp! Cheaper materials – and their correspondingly lower quality – would look good for your budget, but only in the short term as it would cost more to replace and maintain. You don’t need to fork out for premium materials, and definitely, go for deals where you can find them, but consider the quality above cost for something as permanent as your home renovations.

9. Things Will Get Stressful

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There’s no way around it. Renovations are stressful. The bigger the project, the higher the stakes, and the more stressed out everyone involved is going to be. Even your experienced contractor will feel pressure to ensure everything goes smoothly. However, problems can inevitably arise, either mistakes, damage, issues with sourcing, cost or time. It’s not a given that bank-breaking or heart-stopping issues will definitely happen, but be prepared for it.

Of course, you’ll wish that everything will run smoothly – and so does your contractor!

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written by Louisa Lee