Things You Never Knew Could Remove Water Rings

There is a reason why your parents are always insisting on using coasters when placing mugs or glasses on wood furniture. As much as you may think its just them being OCD, its actually really about cleanliness. Wet mugs often leave behind a water ring. And if you’re OCD, that’s painful to see. Importantly, if not treated promptly, they could develop into a more permanent stain. Before we get there, try these three simple methods on your own to treat water rings on your wood furniture using regular household items. Read on for neat house cleaning tricks to help you remove these stains. You could get your part time maid to follow these tricks too.

Photo credits belong to Mark Lund


#1: Dry Iron


Using a dry iron (make sure all the water inside is emptied out or use a non-steam iron) on low heat, press down on a piece of cotton cloth over the stain for a few seconds. Lift the cloth and check the stain. Repeat until the watermarks are completely gone. This not only saves you water (dry iron, duh), but also makes cleaning the stain a fast, tidy, clean and hassle free (almost) chore.

#2: Hair Dryer


Use a hair dryer on high and keep it fairly close to the stain. It should work after about 20 minutes. No other cleaning agent required.

#3: Mayonnaise


This is a strange one, but one which Macgyver would be proud of. Dab a little bit of mayonnaise onto a damp rag and gently rub the water stain.  Another trick is to mix it with some cigar or cigarette ash. Amazing cleaning tip, yes.

#4: Toothpaste


Your toothpaste will come in handy in this situation as well. Squeeze some white, non-gel toothpaste on a wet cloth and rub the stain gently. If the stain is more stubborn than expected, mix equal amounts of baking soda and toothpaste together for a slightly stronger abrasive. Apply a little more pressure this time. It should do the trick.

After it dries out, buff the wood with a soft, clean piece of cloth.

If all the above methods are ineffective or if the stains are dark-colored or black, then it’s time to consult a part time cleaner on Kaodim who can always sort out any and all of your house cleaning needs. We also recommend getting an expert opinion if it is a particularly valuable piece of furniture or antique.  And remember, always use a coaster!