Here Are the Things You Wish Will Never Happen At Your Open House

Raya open houses are great to visit, but hosting them is another story. Organising a Raya open house can be stressful and scary, especially if this is your first time hosting one. There’s just so much to do: cooking, cleaning, and entertaining the guests while making sure the food doesn’t run out.

While you’re at it, you better pray hard that none of these things will ever happen to your open house:

1. Guests have started to arrive you’re still cooking… in your home clothes

Not only is the food not ready, you’re not ready too! Worse still, you’re not dressed to meet them! Homes are designed in such a way that you can’t escape making an appearance in the living room when you want to run from the kitchen to your room. You better hope none of them walk into the kitchen.

Thankfully, this awkward scenario can be avoided if you have professional caterers in the picture.

2. Domino effect of food accidents

spilled food

Imagine when someone accidentally trips over the carpet and spills a bit of the rendang that they’re holding. Yet it doesn’t just end there, as that person also nudges their neighbour in the process, which sends the glass of syrup she’s holding flying in the air. That glass lands on the handle area of a ladle dipped in a bowl of curry, which flips the ladle and the chicken curry falls on some unfortunate lady’s new kebaya.

We can go on and on with this. But if this happens, don’t panic – we have experts who can get that stain out of your carpet or upholstery in no time.

3. Attack of the flying cockroach

flying cockroach
Photo credit: Pests Information

A cockroach making an appearance in front of your guests is bad enough – but imagine the grand entrance of a flying one. That’s sure to cause some panic and chaos in the house.

Before this goes out of hand, make sure you get the pest control guys over if you suspect a roach infestation at home. Cockroaches breed really fast, so the sooner you sort this out, the better!

4. Running out of food

empty plate
Photo credit: Flickr

There’s no more lemang and rendang. There is some white rice left, but that’s the last scoop of ayam masak kurma from the pot. No worries, you can start cooking again. It’ll just be an awkward two hours for your guests, sitting by themselves in the living room, without food.

Running out of food is one of the worst things that can happen to a host because it reflects poor planning. You can’t blame your guests for being big eaters. So the best way to avoid this embarrassment is to hire professional caterers.

5. Running of raw ingredients

empty fridge
Photo credit: Fandom

Just when you thought you could actually prepare something real fast, you open the fridge to find that you have nothing you can cook with. All that’s left are probably some fruits and jam, and what could you possibly do with that?

Guess your guests will just need to make do with kuih raya.

6. When even the kuih raya runs out

final cookies
Photo credit: RaGE Zone

Now this is really embarrassing. You have no cookies to serve your guests! This will go down in history as the worst Raya open house ever.

7. Your toilet chooses to give up at that moment

toilet bowl
Photo credit: Signature Hardware

When basic pipe works choose to give up its purpose on the day you’re experiencing the highest amount of guests, you know the day won’t get any better. Not only do you need to deal with a smelly toilet, your guests have nowhere to relieve themselves after one too many glasses of air bandung. This is why you should get your clogged toilet serviced as soon as possible.

8. Running out of duit raya 

duit raya packet
Photo credit: Motiofixio

You honestly did not expect to host so many guests with children during your open house, so you don’t have enough duit raya to give. You’ve taken a few bucks from your purse but right now you have none left.

Excuse us while we drive to the nearest ATM to get more money.

We sincerely hope none of these will ever happen to you this coming Raya. Feel free to let our helpful service providers know if you need assistance, be it in catering, cleaning or plumbing. Click here to choose the service you need. 

written by Esther Chung