Things That Clog Your Drain


Not all clogged drains are due to big bulky items trying to make their passage down your pipes some are due to tiniest things being accumulated and coming together to block that system! But don’t worry we have your back, here are a few items you need to be more cautious of when dealing with your drain. 


Have you ever found strands of hair in the bathroom? If you notice one or two, maybe not the biggest red flag, but if you see clumps making their way down your drain be sure to collect it before it gets trapped inside and causes a flood in your shower or tub.


Yes, soap! Specifically, bar soap! It may be able to give you soft skin but did you know it can also clog your drain? The materials used in bar soaps are made up of fatty acids and when reacted with minerals. The scum from the bar often falls and enters your drain, causing it to clog.


Some of you might routinely wash your feet after leaving the house, or when you want to sleep. But do you realize how much dust is actually sticking on your feet? The clouds of dust that are washed down from your feet will dry if left in the drain for long periods. You can try to put a filter in your drain to reduce the amount of dust or try to consult with the Professional plumbers to solve with this problem

Coffee Grounds

Grounded coffee can be lethal to your pipes, once the grounds dry up it will harden and clog your drain. Make sure you throw away any coffee residue before washing your cup. If you’re currently facing a clogged drain don’t DIY it! Save time and get professional to assist instead.

Fibre Food Ingredients

Cooking flour is able to clog your drain, but besides flour, you need to be more aware of other types of ingredients made up of fibre as it can cause major problems to your pipes. For example noodles and potatoes are able to expand in size if submerged in water for too long. To prevent this problem make sure that you don’t leave any small pieces left in the drain. 
Clogging in your drain can cause a bad effect on your health too, it can be a source of bacteria and germs. Book our home essentials services now, and we’ll be happy to help you with your plumbing, aircond, and other home issues during the lockdown!