6 Things That Will Taste Great With a Nasi Lemak Twist

mcdonald's singapore nasi lemak burger
Photo credit: Darren Bloggie

It’s clear to us that the nasi lemak burger hype is still at a high, especially since myBurgerLab in Sunway just introduced their version of the nasi lemak burger. We’re not surprised – we’re Malaysians, nasi lemak is probably in our blood.

And you know what? A couple of other foods could use some nasi lemak flavour in them:

1. Nasi lemak pasta… because, why not?

nasi lemak pasta
Photo credit: Bless Her Heart Y’all

Just imagine: pasta cooked in coconut milk, eaten with fresh cucumber slices, peanuts, hard-boiled egg, and spicy sambal sauce. Or maybe just sambal-inspired arrabbiata.

2. How about a nasi lemak sandwich?

nasi lemak sandwich
Photo credit: Finding Fats

It’s possible, just follow the same formula of the burger. You can also substitute the bread to use actual glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk. Remember to put more fried anchovies for the crunch!

3. Nasi lemak pizza, anyone?

nasi lemak pizza
Photo credit: Sarah Voon

The cake version was trending a few years ago, so why not replicate it on a pizza?  Maybe you’d like to go easy on the cheese, and go heavy on the coconut milk and sambal.

4. Or even a nasi lemak lasagna! This will make headlines.

nasi lemak lasagna
Photo credit: Nina the Mummy n’ the Boys

Just lots of sambal sauce, peanuts, anchovies, and cucumbers between the layers. You can even put some cooked rice in one layer. This is going to be a sinful dish.

5. Put nasi lemak in a pie and it’ll be phenomenal

nasi lemak pie
Photo credit: Miss Tam Chiak

This can actually be a really filling snack. We imagine this wouldn’t be too difficult to make too, since all you need to do is stuff a packet of nasi lemak into pie crust and bake it.

6. You might have seen these nasi lemak Kit Kats

nasi lemak kit kat
Photo credit: Rebecca Saw

Kit Kat is known for its special edition flavours, like sake, cherry blossoms, and even cheesecake. There was actually a nasi lemak flavoured Kit Kat released last year and we’re quite curious how it’d taste like…

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written by Esther Chung