Things We Love About The Rain

We’ve all been there, praying that the day that we decide to go for a picnic or to the beach we would only have to deal with sunshine and light winds. However, the unpredictable weather leaves us with pouring rain, which can easily turn a day out disastrous, but rainy days are not always terrible. Here are a few things we can always look forward to when it rains.

Cool Weather 

We all love our aircond during the summer heat, turning a blind eye to the upcoming electrical bill and letting it run the entire day to keep sweat-free and cool. However, those of you who are easily cold can’t help but feel an urge to play with the aircon temperature to get it to the exact point where you don’t freeze and where your roommate is also happy.

During the rainy season, aircond temperature settings are less of an issue. You can enjoy the cool breeze just by opening the window and get in some fresh air, your electric bill will also give you less of a fright. If you need help with your aircond this rainy season you can hire our aircond services and enjoy up to 30% OFF.

More Reason To Nap

Sunlight triggers our bodies to stop producing melatonin, which is a hormone which makes us sleepy at night, therefore when we stop seeing sunlight our body can’t help but assume it’s time to slumber. This doesn’t have to be a terrible thing, if done in just the right dosage, 20-30 minute naps come with great benefits such as improving overall alertness. Studies in NASA have even found that military pilots and astronauts who took 40-minute naps improved there performance by 30% and alertness 100%.

So if you are feeling tired during the rainy season, just take a good power nap to keep you more productive in the day!

More Time Reflect & Have Some Me-Time

If you made plans you’re probably on the brink of cancellation due to the rainy weather and the thought of driving through a massive jam. Therefore you might end up spending your time at home doing the simplest things that you love, such as catching up on a series, drinking a nice warm cup of tea, or simply, writing or scrapbooking, whatever is it the rainy season is the perfect time for overdue me-time.

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