Things That Attract Pests To Your Home

Do you often find yourself living with uninvited ‘guests’? No matter how many mothballs, ant bait, and cockroach traps you deploy, they keep coming back!


You need to keep your home clean and safe by making sure pests don’t come to stay. Start by paying attention to these common things in your house that attracts pests:


1. Food

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Pests like rats, ants, cockroaches will love the same foods as you, so any open food stored outside of the fridge is fair game. They’ll go for sweets, biscuits, fruits, and even uncooked things like rice, flour, and dried noodles. Crumbs and scraps will also serve as a tantalising buffet to pesky vermin.

To avoid pests, store your food securely in airtight containers and ensure there are no spillage or residues along the packaging. Also clean up properly after meals and avoid eating or bringing food into your bedrooms.


2. Rubbish

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Because pests are, after all, icky, their next best thing to food is trash. So it’s no wonder that flies, ants, and all the other unsavoury creepies gravitate to uncleared garbage bins – the fuller the better!


Always empty your garbage bins when they get full, especially if they contain food scraps. Give your bins a thorough wash and sanitisation from time to time to remove any spillovers and residues.


3. Dirty Dishes

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Do you leave your dishes to soak before washing? They might end up attracting all sorts of pests as well. While you’re chilling in front of the TV after a lovely meal, rats and ants might be sneaking little licks on your kari ayam stained cutlery!


It’s best to wash your dishes right after your meal, and if you do need to soak them, ensure the entire dish is submerged to prevent enticing pests.


4. Clutter


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It’s not just food mess that pests love; even your general messiness is welcoming to roaches and rats. Your pile of laundry, books, magazines, and miscellanea provide cover for pests, as well as hide any tasty morsel and crumbs that might have fallen from your Netflix-and-potato-chips binge.


Keep your rooms tidy and avoid piling your things in a heap. Use organisers and storage bins for things you don’t regularly use.


5. Moisture

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Besides food, pests need water to live. But damp wood in particular is very enticing to termites! That minor leak in your house could spell big trouble when these pesky ‘white ants’ decide to make a meal out of your parquet floors. Standing water also serves as a breeding ground for disease-carrying mosquitoes. Dampness on the other hand will promote mould growth, which while isn’t technically a pest, is bad for your health and wellbeing.


Keep floors dry and get rid of leaks and puddles as soon as you can. Empty drain pans and get rid of standing water from plant vases as well.


6. Gaps & Cracks

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It’s not just dirt and dampness that attracts pests – easy access to your nice and cosy home is too! Ants, rats, and cockroaches can easily slip through cracks in your walls and gaps under your door and windows.


Prevent uninvited guests from coming in by fixing any cracks and blocking gaps under your doors, windows, and walls.


7. Drains


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Pests can also crawl in from drains and sinks that are not often used. These connect to drainage and sewerage systems outside of your home, after all, which are common places where rats, roaches, and other creepy crawlies live, breed, and prosper. What’s more, they’re likely to track in the dirt and diseases from these spaces into your house!


While you shouldn’t fully plug these unused drains and sinks – indiscriminate blocking could cause flooding in your home – you should install appropriate traps to keep the pests out. Give these drains and sinks the occasional wash to ensure they’re working and to flush away pests.


Identifying what attracts pests and how they gain entry into your home helps with eradicating pesky infestations, and prevent them from coming in to make a nuisance of themselves in the first place! But if you need expert help on getting rid of pests, get in touch with one of the many pest control professionals on Kaodim today!