The Secret to Looking Like Gisele

Have you ever seen a nice outfit at a store display or purchased a cool get up online but when you actually squeezed yourself into it, you resembled a stuffed hippo more than the Adonis or Giselle look you were aiming for? And why is it that models look good even when they are wearing atrocious clothes that make garbage bags look chic?



Before you spend another dime on more expensive designer goods, or even not so designer goods, you would definitely be better off spending that time and money on a personal trainer. The logic being models look good wearing anything and models have good physiques, thus improving your physique would improve your chances of looking amazing, regardless of what you are wearing and even when you are not wearing anything at all!


No more expensive and uncomfortable shapewear and girdles! More win! Improved health, strength and good looks? Yes please!

Who didn’t go aww and drool a bit when Tobey Maguire’s character transformed from nerdy teenager Peter Parker to hot hunky Spider-Man?


In real life we know that spider bites won’t give us chiseled muscles but a personal trainer can and will.  They’ll provide you with a personalised workout routine that suits your fitness levels and goals and actually make sure you do it. Weight loss? Checked. Fitness? Also checked!

Yeah yeah, I can join a gym you say….. but the gym wont call you and bark out “ Ten more crunches now! ”

We all know most of us need that extra push, that extra motivation, someone to cheer you on and make sure you don’t slip back down the slippery slope to blubber.


Make an investment in yourself and make this year the year you look and feel amazing! Go on get those chips out of your mouth and find a personal trainer on Kaodim for a whole new hotter, and fitter you.