The Most Stylish High-End Residences in Southeast Asia

Gone are the days when most apartment buildings are purely functional but bland and drab. As Southeast Asia continues to grow and evolve, attracting global investments, transactions and talent, the real estate boom has also been spectacular, bringing us world-class designs that augment our cities’ skylines.

Check out the top three favourites our team at Kaodim deemed worthy.

The Troika – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Troika

The Troika is Malaysia’s highest and one of the most luxurious residential complex located right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. If you’re looking for a world-class place to call you home in Malaysia, this is it. It was designed by London-based architects Foster + Partners. The Troika has three interconnected glass-clad towers of different heights, has a total of 231 units, apartments, penthouses and SOHOs. A skybridge that connects the towers at level 24 has courted comparisons to the nearby Petronas Twin Towers.

Adding to the trendiness is Troika Sky Dining — four fine dining restaurants and bar that have naturally become hot spots for important anniversaries, celebrations and of course, marriage proposals. Just look at the view out Cantaloupe’s windows in the picture above. How could you not be tempted?

The Club @ Capella – Singapore



Now that we’ve shown off a Malaysian gem, we can happily move on to our neighbour, Singapore. The Club at Capella claims that they are “redefining luxury living for its guests with world-class facilities” offering a rarity even for the most privileged in Singapore — space. Strategically located on Sentosa Island, a highly popular resort island, The Club offers furnished, serviced apartments in big living spaces.

You can choose between one- to four-bedroom suites, penthouses or manors to settle in. There are onsite restaurants, a spa, a club and from the photographs, we’re seeing beautiful, inviting swimming pools that are perfect for a quick dip in this tropical heat.

Peruri 88 – Jakarta, Indonesia.

Peruri 88, Jakarta

Mind blown yet? But if you’re thinking, why haven’t I seen this in Jakarta because I’d have remembered this for sure, well, here’s the tricky part: it hasn’t been built yet.

In 2012, it was announced that an international design team consisting of MVRDV of Rotterdam, The Jerde Partnership, Inc. of Los Angeles, and ARUP from Dublin will be collaborating with developer Wijaya Kaya – Benhil Property to bring this vision into reality, creating a new icon for Jakarta. There was a lot of hype back then with a proposal consisting this “Tomorrowland” design as a vertical solution to Jakarta’s overpopulation issue.

The plan was to build approximately a 360,000 square meter, 88-story high rise that looks like a combination of 10 separate buildings assembled together. It would include offices, residences, hotels, a mosque, a theatre, commercial space and others to drive a thriving community.

As impressive and ambitious as the plan was when announced, we haven’t been able to find any other information online on the progress of this development. But, ever since we laid eyes on it, we knew this was something worth sharing. If you know more, let us know! And let’s keep dreaming!


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