The Dust Box Makes Aircon Servicing A Breeze

As a design and project engineer himself, Kevin Lim has seen the complicated process and problems in maintaining air-conditioning systems on location while he was employed by other companies.

“There’s a gap in the industry for aircon maintenance services. If you think about it, almost every household has at least one aircon unit – it’s a very big market,” said Kevin, who started The Dust Box with his wife Natalie in 2010. The couple has not looked back since.

At the beginning, they provided their services using standard methods and chemicals. After a year or two into the business, they found that the standard method of servicing is very inefficient, time consuming and often comes with complicated pricing depending on what type of air-conditioner the customer has.

Online Booking At The Dust Box
Online Booking At The Dust Box

Kevin explained further, “We decided to simplify the job and price structure to make it easier for customers. Instead of having different pricing for 1, 2 or 3 horsepower units, we have a single price for every type of service. Customers can conveniently make their service booking and select which package they would like through our website. This made a difference to customers who found it easier to understand, thus enabling them to make a quick decision. However, we still found that the standard service methods continue to be inefficient. That’s when we ventured into doing our own research to find out if we can improve the efficiency and reduce time spent on cleaning.”

Their research proved fruitful with the development of their own specialised cleaning machine: the “Jet Box.” This also happens to be their bestselling service package in comparison to the regular-clean service that is also offered.

Source: The Dust Box

With the Jet Box, customers can cut down the time it takes from 1-2 hours to just below 1 hour. The biggest difference in using the Jet Box is that customers do not need to dismantle or take down their aircon unit from the wall as the Jet Box can deliver the same cleaning effect while the unit remains on the wall. Additionally, it is also less messy, eliminates bad odour and kills lingering germs and bacteria.

“What customers don’t realise is that every time you take the aircon down in a regular service, it messes with the copper connector for the gas. Customers end up with a leaky connector and have to refill their gas monthly. With the Jet Box, there is less tempering and with fewers leaks, we are also being environmentally friendly. As far as I’m aware, we are the only company in Malaysia using a specialised machine like this to clean mounted aircon units,” said Kevin.

With a long list of satisfied customers, Kevin is incredibly proud of his Jet Box, as he should be!

The Dust Box provides air-conditioner servicing for homes and offices in over 50 locations in the Klang Valley. You can find them on our website at