The Different Types Of Air Cons You Can Buy In Malaysia

Malaysia. The country where hot meets humid. It is undeniable that we need (not want) an air con or two at home to feel comfortable. However, there are many types of air conditioners on the market today. Split AC, Cassette AC, what does it all mean?  Let us go through each one to help you decide which air conditioners are most suitable for your home:

1. Windowed Air Conditioner

This type of air conditioner is the most affordable. It’s also very rare these days. You’ll probably have a difficult time finding one, and even if you did, it probably doesn’t work as well anymore. It fits perfectly in window sills in a single unit. For those who are busy with work, this type of air conditioner is easier and simple to install. It is easier to be taken care of too. The drawback is that these units are not as good at cooling as the others and it is rather an unsightly thing.

2. Split Air Conditioner

This type of unit is called a split unit because there are 2 units – the internal unit and the external unit. The external unit will normally be installed outside of the house. The internal unit provides cold air into the house and the outdoor unit channels warm air out of the house. These air conditioners are most common in Malaysian households.

3. Tower Air Conditioner

If you are looking to cool a large room, choose tower air conditioners as it has a high cooling capacity. The way it works is similar to a split air conditioner but with the added advantage of not having to install the tower as the external (warm air channel) can be placed on the ground.  Might not be as powerful as a split unit though.

4. Cassette Air Conditioner

cassetteNamed after its shape, a cassette air conditioner is great for huge rooms due to its superior cooling capacity. Unlike the tower air conditioner, the cassette air conditioner needs to be installed internally and mounted on the ceilings. Impress your guests by installing these industrial air conditioners in your apartment.

5. Cube Air Conditioner

A cube air conditioner is the smaller version of the split air conditioner. It is normally installed on windows or ceilings.  This is likely a derivation of the old window unit we covered above. Due to its smaller size, it is cheaper than a split air conditioner. But that does not make it any less efficient; it can cool its surrounding space fast and easy.

All in all, knowing the different types of air conditioner will help you to choose the most suitable air conditioner for your space. So, take a look around and compare prices before you buy your air conditioner!

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