Tesla’s Solar Roof: What You Need to Know

tesla solar roof
Photo credit: Tesla

When Tesla announced its new project in October last year- solar roof tiles – the whole world held its breath. Solar roofing tiles? Yes, that just amplifies the fact that we are already living in the future.

At the event last year, Tesla presented four distinct roofing styles: Textured Glass Tile, Slate Glass Tile, Tuscan Glass Tile and Smooth Glass Tile. Each of them is aesthetically different from each other, but they all resemble a current roofing material style. When viewed from an angle, they appear opaque, but the tiles are actually transparent to solar.

What are solar roofing tiles?

Photo credit: Tesla

Solar roofing tiles might look like ordinary tiles if you’re gazing up at them from the street, but they’re certainly not ordinary. These tiles can convert solar energy from the sun into electricity that powers your home through a sustainable energy system. Integrated with the Powerwall home battery, the tiles allow you the flexibility of choosing when to use solar energy without the interruption of electricity during power outages. Pretty interesting, right?

Are they durable?

tesla solar roof tiles specs
Photo credit: Tesla

You must be thinking, “But they’re made of glass. How are they durable?”

The glass is designed from extremely sturdy tempered glass, which can weather almost three times the force of regular roofing tiles! These tiles are also warrantied for the lifetime of your home.

How much do Tesla’s solar roof tiles cost?

tuscan solar roof - tesla
Photo credit: Tesla

So this brings us to the next question. How much is it going to cost? Tesla has already started accepting orders, and as stated on its website, the estimated cost of the solar roof would depend on the materials, installation, and the removal of the old roof.

State taxes, permit fees and other construction costs can also affect the total amount. Basically, it all depends on the estimated roof square footage and the various challenges, because different homes have different energy needs, and so forth. Consumer reports are saying that the prices are cheaper than some had expected.

Tesla has even designed a cost calculator to provide ballpark estimates.

Need help with your roof?

Tesla’s solar roofs are unavailable in Malaysia at the moment, but if you need roofing quotes for your home, we’ll be happy to provide quotations from roofing contractors near you. If you’re currently experiencing leaks, missing or damaged tiles, a damaged roof beam or a sunken roof, you should get it checked immediately!

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written by Carissa Gan