What You Can Tell About Someone From Their Room

You can tell a lot about someone from how they dress, how they behave, and – this is true – the state of their room. Their room is, after all, their sanctuary, their place for privacy, solace, and keeping personal things, well, personal. So if they invite you to take a peek, you should be honoured.


You can understand their personality and preferences, values and ethics. Of course, you’ll find out about what their hobbies are and what movies they like, or even their aspirations but you don’t have to be a creeper.


Or maybe you just want to get to know them better. If so, watch out for these details:


1. The Colour

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The most obvious thing that’ll jump out at you is the room’s colour. Or lack of it. Colour choice is often a reflection of a person’s personality. A calm, collected person would be drawn to neutral and subdued colours – think beige, light greys, and cream – while a more outgoing individual would want something loud and bold – your bright reds and yellows and purples. A conventional person would stick to the standard whites and neutrals, while a rebel might paint their room something really out-of-this world, like neon pink. A creative might choose a mix of fancy colours but the design-challenged would pick something that’s unsightly.


2. The Tidiness

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Messy or tidy? Are things arranged neatly in proper stacks, or chucked in haphazard piles? Is there organised chaos, or is there no logic behind the filing? Studies have shown that messy people tend to be more creative – provided they actually have their own system in their mess. Really messy, can’t-find-my-phone chaos might be a sign of a slacker, or a busy, busy person who doesn’t have time to get their room in order. Tidy rooms are for people who like to feel in control, and who are most likely to pay attention to detail.


That or they have someone to help them out with cleanliness…


3. The Furniture


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Minimalist, rustic furniture may be a sign of someone who likes the simple life and uncomplicated things – or, if the furniture is the ~trendy~ kind of rustic – are modern and with the times. People pick furniture that reflects their personality as well, with a traditionalist having more conventional looking sets of bed, chair, and desk and outgoing people choosing hip bean bags and swing-chairs.


An outdoorsy person would have furniture related to their hobby – like a rack for their bike or a cupboard to store hiking gear. A homebody who reads would have comfortable, lounge chairs to spend time on and bedside table to put a book and night lamp.


4. The Décor

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You’ve seen rooms with posters plastered across their wall, so that’s a quick way to know someone’s media preference. But an absence of decals and embellishments isn’t a sign of boring tastes, but could indicate a neat personality.


Someone who appreciates luxury – and aspires for it – would decorate their rooms with creature comforts. They might opt for sheer fabrics and gold finishing, or things that look high quality and sturdy. Someone who’s not fussy would probably have limited décor so they don’t need to keep cleaning! If you can pick out a theme from the décor – like a high prevalence of animal patterns and ornaments – you can get an indication of what the person really, really likes.


5. The Layout

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Is it a wide open space where everything is easily accessible, or does it have little nooks and crannies? The layout can tell you if the person is extroverted and ready to reach out, or a little more private and introverted if their bed is tucked away in the corner.


Where things are placed will also tell you about a person’s priorities – if the bed is closest to the door, chances are they’re ready to collapse upon it right after they enter the room – or that they’re ready to leap into action in the morning!


Our rooms are a reflection of who we are, but before you start psychoanalysing everything, remember that each individual – and their preferences – are unique and personal.

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