Why Do You Sweat Even When Your Aircond is On?

One of the common issues that every homeowner experiences is their air conditioning blowing warm air. It can be extremely annoying that your aircond makes you sweat, especially during the severe hot weather. Here’s a look at the causes of why you’re still sweating even after your aircon is turned on.


Your aircon is clogged with dirt




Your aircond will develop layers of dirt, dust and even mould within its filter, preventing it from working smoothly if you fail to clean it at least once every three months. In addition to this, a dirty filter can not only cause poor airflow but it can also freeze up your aircon’s unit evaporator coil. The primary function of an evaporator coil is absorbing the heat from the air in your home.

It is recommended you book our Aircond Cleaning service periodically so your aircon will provide you with cool and healthy air.


The refrigerant is leaking




Refrigerant is a chemical used that cycles through an air conditioner, it changes the liquid to gas as it absorbs and releases heat from your room. Once your refrigerant is leaking, then your room cannot be cooled and it can negatively impact your health! You will notice strange noises coming from your aircond such as hissing or bubbling noises if your refrigerant is leaking.

In this situation, you should hire an expert to diagnose and resolve your ac problem as soon as possible in order to reduce the possibility of getting sick from your aircond.


Aircon compressor is filthy




The compressor is a very vital part of the aircond unit and it is usually positioned outside the house. It works by compressing the refrigerants to regulate their airflow within the cooling unit. If the aircond compressor is blocked by leaves, insects or debris, it may get damaged and prevent your aircon work efficiently.

Therefore, we recommend booking our aircond service regularly to get your aircond compressor cleaned.

Getting your aircond serviced regularly is an ideal solution to prevent your aircond from blowing hot air. Book Kaodim Aircond Servicing now and you’ll be entitled to a reservice if unsatisfied.