Super Simple Tips To Clean Windows, The Right Way!

Washing windows can be time consuming and requires a lot of patience doing it. You should wash your windows at least once every 6 months. Ideally, since we are living in a tropical climate here in Malaysia, your windows should get washed a bit more frequently because dust tends to accumulate more in hot weather and can transfer into the inside parts of your house.

If you do this, you don’t have to labour so much over your windows to wash away stubborn build-ups once a year before Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali or Christmas when spring-cleaning is a must to keep your home sparkling for guests!

An option is to hire a professional cleaning company to wash your windows or you can just spend an hour over the weekend to do it yourself. Cleaning windows doesn’t have to be so burdensome so don’t get stressed out! Keep reading and you can quickly learn the right ways to clean your windows effectively from dust and grime:

#1. Clean On A Cloudy Day 

This is the most broken rule in washing windows. Washing your windows on a sunny day only makes all your cleaning efforts done in vain –  the heat from the sunlight will cause the cleaning liquid to dry too fast and you’ll end up with spots on your windows, which you’ll have to clean all over again!

So next time, wait til’ the sky is overcast and when there is no direct sunlight.


#2. Remove Curtains Before Cleaning

If you have curtains hanging at the windows, it’s a good idea to lift them out and put them aside before you start washing your windows. This is to ensure that dust from your curtains (trust us, there will be plenty of it) won’t keep falling onto the window when you’re cleaning – we’re pretty sure you don’t want that to happen!

#3. Dust Off First, Wash After

It can be quite annoying to have bits of dust and debris from the window clinging onto your cloth or floating around your water bucket as you’re cleaning. Not only that, some of the solid pieces that get stuck to your cloth might end up scratching the window when you’re wiping with them on.

To avoid this nuisance, you should remove any dust or spider’s web on the window with a broom or go over with a cloth before you start to wash your windows.


#4. Use The Right Tools & Cleaning Methods

For best results, it pays off to have the right tools for a professional finish and to clean your windows by using them in the method. You can simply follow these window cleaning tips:


  • Strip Applicator with soft cloth head / Sponge / Soft absorbent cloth
  • Squeegee
  • Bucket with warm water
  • Chamois (the soft velvety cloth commonly used for cleaning cars)
  • Dishwashing liquid
  1. Prepare your cleaning solution. You can make your own by combining some dishwashing liquid in warm water. The less bubbles, the better!
  2. Use the strip applicator or sponge to soak up as much soapy water and lather it all over your window. The soft head is gentle on the window and is able to loosen dirt without causing scratches.
  3. Get the squeegee and pull it over across your window from a top corner in an S-pattern. Wipe the squeegee’s blade clean with a clean cloth after each swipe.
  4. Finally, dry your window from any remaining moisture with the chamois – it’s the perfect tool for the job because of it’s able to absorb huge amounts of liquid without leaving any visible streaks behind.

#5. Always Start With A Clean Sponge/Cloth To Rinse

If you plan on using the same sponge or cloth to rinse your windows after washing them with soapy water, always make sure that you rinse your sponge clean before soaking it again in clean water to rinse out the soapy liquid earlier.


#7. Wipe Your Windows Dry

Finally, it’s time to dry your windows! After rinsing the windows down with water, don’t leave them to dry on their own. To prevent water streaks and marks, grab a piece of dry cloth and wipe dry the windows.


Simple enough, right? If you are still allergic to cleaning, don’t sweat it – just hire one of our part-time maid services or professional cleaning company to help you with your windows.

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