Steps to get rid of foul smell at home

Have you faced the problem of having a bad smell lingering in your house despite maintaining your home cleanliness diligently? Lingering foul smells are sometimes a hassle to identify and remove and they can certainly impact our quality of life. To rid of bad smells at home, it is crucial for us to be able to identify them before clearing them. Here are some tips to make the air in your home fresh and comfortable again. 


  1. Open up windows

Lack of ventilation traps moisture indoors. Let moisture flow out and fresh, crisp air flow in by opening your windows as much as possible, especially in the morning. The morning breeze and sun can surely act as a natural cleanse to remove the musty smell in your home.


  1. Identifying the smell

Foul smells from the rubbish bin or rotten food in the refrigerator can be easily tracked down, identified and cleared. Be sure to also check if there are any leftover food or fruit and veg peelings in your sink! Washing them down may seem harmless but once they accumulate and start decaying, they’re going to smell awful and you would need to call a plumber to settle it! 


  1. Clean it up!

After properly disposing of the source of the foul smell, get into action to properly clean and disinfect your space. It is crucial to remove the source of the smell before using an air freshener or deodorizer. Using an air freshener or deodorizer before removing the culprit can only mask the odour instead of effectively freshening up your space. 


  1. Use a deodorizer, air freshener or air purifier

Finally, grab your favourite air freshener and spray up your cleaned spots! If you’re not a fan of artificial scents from commercial air fresheners, you can opt for natural options such as a citrus peel cleaner. Simply make a solution by mixing citrus peels, distilled vinegar and water. Spray the solution on surfaces and wipe it down with a clean cloth. 


Who wouldn’t love a house that smells good. In the case where a foul odour cannot be identified, it is best to seek professionals to help detect and clean it up. With Kaodim, you can get a variety of home services including plumbing repair, house cleaning or deep cleaning to help you solve your home odour problem!