The Force Is Strong With These 7 Star Wars-Themed Photoshoots

The great appeal of the Star Wars universe is its stunning locations, interesting lore, swishy space tech (lightsabers!) and complex characters. War and strife aside, you’d totally want to live those rich and adventure-filled lives in that far, far away galaxy. Besides, imagine how much simpler household chores would be if the Force was with you – but then again, that’s not how the Force works.

Despite being stuck in this Solar system, these creative individuals have found ways to live the Star Wars dream in their very own unique Star Wars-themed photoshoots:

1. The new generation of Star Wars

Photo credit: RL Photo Art

Love blooms in the middle of nowhere, if you’re Finn and Rey in this desert-planet themed photoshoot. Let’s just hope they don’t get sand everywhere.

2. When the Force is a little too strong

Star Wars Malaysian couple
Photo credit: Carissa Gan Photography

This Malaysian version of Rey and Kylo Ren and took their love of Star Wars to the next level. Solid reminder for all men out there: don’t piss your woman off!

3. Younglings are the future

star wars family photoshoot
Photo credit: Kari Lovequist

Find new hope through an ensemble of aspirational Jedi masters as Younglings and a sassy future Princess – with a wee little Yoda to boot!  

4. A Very-Vader wedding

This couple’s intergalactic photo shoot is just part of living a ‘Star Wars’ life

Star wars wedding photozgraphy
Photo credit: Tim Souza Photography

Say ‘I know’ with a Padmé-inspired wedding look, complete with your lightsaber-wielding groom to keep you safe. Why keep your love a secret when you have Darth Vader to back you up?

5. Vader-In-Law

This couple’s intergalactic photo shoot is just part of living a ‘Star Wars’ life

Star wars wedding photography
Photo credit: Tim Souza Photography

And if things get a little messy, you can get Vader do what he does best – being the life of (and Force-choking it out of everyone else in) the party.

6. A love out of this world

starwars themed photoshoot prewedding
Photo credit: Dani Boynton

Capture your affections as iconic couple Princess Leia and her scoundrel Han Solo. Don’t worry if that turns out to be no moon – just get an X-Wing to take care of it.

7. Everlasting love

star wars photoshoot couple
Photo credit: The Art of Mezame

Ensure everlasting love throughout space and time with old Han and Leia as inspiration. If things get too heavy, you can get your droid sidekick for some levity.

The expansion of the Star Wars universe (who’s excited about that young Han Solo movie coming out next year?) means there are a lot more inspirations to choose from for your next iconic photoshoot. And if you want to make sure they come out just right, get help from professional photographers ready for hire on Kaodim!

May the Force be with you!

written by Louisa Lee