10 Spooky Cake Designs That Are Perfect For Halloween

pumpkin spider cake
Photo credit: Beautiful Life

Halloween is just around the corner and we’d like to use this as another convenient ‘excuse’ to order some cakes! So regardless if you’re hosting a Halloween party or not, check out these beautiful and spooky cake designs we found:

1. Spider webs

spider web cake
Photo credit: Cakery Creation

We can help but be amazed by the intricate and detailed ‘spider web’ icing that’s on this cake! It really looked like the whole cake is covered in spider webs, and not to mention, realistic little spiders.

2. Skin

skin cake
Photo credit: Beautiful Life

This looks too realistic – as if the whole cake were covered in a layer of skin or leather-like material, stitched together using thick wires. The chef really nailed the colour of the fondant. We wonder if it’s red velvet cake inside…

3. Love never dies

death lovers cake
Photo credit: Blog of Francesco Mugnai

This cake designer did a very grim interpretation of the romantic phrase “till death do us part” with this black, gothic cake. We love the roses and the squiggly-lined icing, which adds to the whole macabre look of the cake.

4. Monsters

monsters cake
Photo credit: Say it With Cake

What’s Halloween without monsters? These little ones made from strawberries and chocolate tentacles aren’t just creepy, but look quite delicious too.

5. Eyeball cake pops

eyeball cake pops
Photo credit: Bakerella

These are so realistic that they look super creepy! These round cake pops are easy to serve as well – just pierce them with your best forks.

6. The woman in black

the woman in black cake
Photo credit: Little Cherry Cake Company

There’s something really ominous about this cake. It’s based on the movie of the same name, which features the dark silhouette of a female ghost who couldn’t find peace. We’re super impressed with the dark green ombre hue the chef created for this cake!

7. Vampire kiss cupcake

vampire kiss cupcake
Photo credit: Tastemade

Fancy a really bloody cupcake? This little black one will delight any vampire fans out there. Even the blood looked like there are traces of guts in it.

8. Bloody cake

bloody cake
Photo credit: Say it With Cake

This simple yet deadly looking cake fits the occasion perfectly. All it takes is just some white buttercream and red glaze. Top it up with a scary looking knife and you’re set!

9. Eyeball doughnuts

eyeball doughnuts
Photo credit: Wilton

If you think eyeball cake pops are too scary, then try these! They’re not as realistic as the cake pops, but can still scare the daylights out of anyone.

10. Coffin cake

coffin cake
Photo credit: Sweetie Darling

For those who prefer to let the dead rest in peace, this coffin cake is made for you. This design is made from fondant, with some additional details using brown cream.

Want one of these for yourself?¬†Our pastry chefs would be more than happy to make some for you! Let us know the kind of cake design you’re looking for in the form here, and we’ll send over some quotations and profile for free!

written by Esther Chung